Level 3 Coach Certification, Clinic Course for Coaches, Stroke Development Clinic, and Adult Learn-to-Swim Oregon Masters Swimming will be hosting several educational clinics in Hood River, Oregon, the weekend of October 29-30, 2022.  United States Masters Swimming Level 3 Coach Certification, Clinic Course for Coaches, Stroke Development Clinic, and Adult […]

USMS Clinics at Hood River

We didn’t go to the Antarctic to swim.  Eighty-six of us, all experienced marathon runners, were there to take part in the very first full-distance marathon (26.2 miles) held on that frigid continent, an event organized by a Boston company called Marathon Tours and Travel.  It would be a unique […]


I’m certain I would have died 34 years ago had I not found Dr. McDougall.  I had thyroid cancer, severe heart disease, pre-diabetes and was 50 pounds overweight.  My new neighbor recommended Dr. John McDougall.  I looked him up and bought his book The McDougall Program:12 Days to Dynamic Health.  […]

Linda: Reversed Heart Disease, Pre-Diabetes and Lost 50 Pounds

Colette Crabbe - 1976 Olympian in the 400IM and 200 breast
If only we were taught these basic adult skills alongside spelling and math! Most of us pick up basic adult skills along life’s way, like doing laundry, basic cooking, basic financial skills.  Some of us even master the finer points of table manners, changing a tire, taking care of children. […]

Things we rarely learn until we get injured

Kevin Cleary
In my years of coaching and training, I’ve come to believe that, in our sport, drilling is one of the most misunderstood concepts. Ask anyone why they should do drills, and they’ll probably tell you that they help make your stroke better. That is correct…when a drill is both appropriate […]

The Purpose of Drilling

Bob Bruce
Review:  Access to 50-meter pools was challenging this summer, so Oregon Club participation in the 5-km & 10-km Virtual (formerly Postal) Swims fell below pre-pandemic levels.  This must have been true across the country as well, as the national entry was low.  Still, we gave a very good accounting. 5-km:  […]

Long Distance Swimming – November 2022

Name:                    Jane Nichols Age:                        81 Occupation:          Image Analyst – mainly satellite imagery of vegetation Local Team:           CGM–Columbia Gorge Masters   The one thing that was always constant for me was swimming.  It gave me a place to try to do my best.  It gave me a place to heal […]

Swimmer Spotlight – Jane Nichols

Joe Oakes
I must confess that, for several reasons, I was reluctant to do this swim.  Here is what I mulled over while deciding whether to do the swim or not: The Voice whispering into my left ear said:  You know that you do not love getting up at five A.M. to […]

Roy Webster Cross Channel Swim, 2022