I, an OMS member, made the journey to Gwangju, South Korea for the FINA World Masters Championships in August, 2019.  This was my first time competing in a World Championship, and my first lesson was to arrive early.  I definitely underestimated the effect of jet lag and of acclimating to […]

FINA World Masters Championships in Gwangju, South Korea

Burrito Bowl Prep: 15 minutes Cook: Varies depending on grains and beans used Serves:2-4 This is our latest favorite meal.  I vary the beans used several times a week,  and also the veggies and salsa, so the meal is different every time I serve it. I serve this in 8 […]

Off the Block: Burrito Bowl

Colette Crabbe - 1976 Olympian in the 400IM and 200 breast 2
September is officially the beginning of the new swimming season.  Whatever your level, it is the best time to reflect on the past year: what did I enjoy, what did I succeed in, what was harder, what will I do again, what will I never do again?  All of this […]

September: Time for reflection, for tune up, for changes, for ...

Sara Shepherd
As an athlete, you spend hours in the pool training.  You work out physically in order to get your body into peak form.  You also use your mind more than you may think.  Many top athletes have found mental training vital to their success.  Mental training, in some form, is […]

Six Mental Training Tips for Swimmers

Ron Nakata and his wife of 55 years, Wanda 3
Name:                    Ron Nakata Age:                       80 Occupation:        Retired Dentist Local Team:         REIGN (Oregon Reign Masters/Mount Hood Aquatics)   I was born in Portland, Oregon, and my early childhood years occurred when the US went to war with Japan in 1941.  I was three years old when my family was […]

Swimmer Spotlight – Ron Nakata

Ralph Mohr
SLC, Revenge, and Murray Rose After Mark Spitz’ less than sterling performance at the Mexico City Olympics, he enrolled at the University of Indiana under Doc Councilman.  There was a lot of talk about how he would adjust to Doc’s style of coaching and how Doc would handle him.  Some […]

How I Came to Appreciate Mark Spitz – Part 4

2019 OMS Summer Nationals Team photo
Allen Larson coached the OMS team at the 2019 USMS Summer Nationals in Mission Viejo, CA.  They won 1st place in the Regional Club category. Allen Larson writes: “Probably not my last post but it will be my most informative. First I would like to say that if you love […]

2019 OMS National Team in Mission Viejo, CA