Eel Lake swimmers— left to right: two unknown swimmers, Helen Slack Miller, Arianna Elnes, Laura Schob, Dave Radcliff, Mike Carew, Ed Ramsey 4
It was not planned.  After the Eel Lake OMS Open Water Swims were cancelled this summer, despite Matt Miller’s constant attempts to get the Oregon Parks Department to change their mind, local swimmers on the Oregon coast continued to swim in near-by lakes. It turned out, though, there were numerous […]

Flash Mob at Eel Lake

Dara Torres -- fashion model
“I think this performance ranks up there with the biggest performances in sports ever … It puts Dara in the ranks of Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods.” — Michael Lohberg, Torres’ coach Early years Dara Torres was born in Los Angeles, California, on April 15, 1967, and grew […]

Dara Torres

Colette Crabbe - 1976 Olympian in the 400IM and 200 breast
By all standards, 2020 has not been the year any of us had in mind.  Everything feels out of our individual control.  A lot of swimming pools are still closed; the ones open have restrictions and might close again at any time and without much notice.  For most of us, […]

How to adapt and set new goals

We are calling for 100% OMS swimmer participation; no, this is not for the 1-hour postal, it is something much easier than that!  In fact, you don’t even have to leave your computer to do this. All of us have people with whom we interact every day; we are not […]

Opportunity to Thank Others

Bob Bruce
Here is a one-page summary of suggestions, suitable for framing, from some of your OMS swim pals—Tim Waud, Cindy Werhane, Marlys Cappaert, Marisa Frieder, Todd Lantry and myself—helping you to swim safely in open water this summer. Consider this to be your “pre-swim safety briefing” from Bob this year! Some […]

Long Distance Swimming – September 2020

Willard “Wink” Lamb keeping up with the times. 2
Colette Crabbe, Valerie Jenkins, and Arlene Delmage recently checked in on OREG swimmer Wink Lamb.  We sat in their back yard on a beautiful August day and visited with Wink (97) and his son Doug (71).  Things have not been easy during these COVID times and Wink has not been […]

Visit with Willard “Wink” Lamb

Here’s a question for you: Why should a swimmer give a hoot about ocean tides?  Well, if you ever want to swim at any of the hundreds of great spots along the Washington, Oregon or California coasts, it might be worth a few minutes of your time to know about […]

Ocean Tides and Currents

Name: Meredith Weisshaar Age: 44 Occupation: Lawyer – General Counsel at nLIGHT, Inc. Local Team: Multnomah Athletic Club I started swimming competitively at age 6, after being put into lessons.  Initially, my parents just wanted me to learn to swim for safety reasons, but I started and then it quickly […]

Swimmer Spotlight: Meredith Weisshar