Oregon team dinner at the SPMS meet in Commerce, CA. Left to right: former MAC swimmer Max Bley-Male, who lives in the Los Angeles area now; Alexis Higlett, Jessica Stacey, Scot Sullivan, Matt Miller, Brent Washburne and Kurt Grote. Six members of the team were missing in this picture.
With 415 registered swimmers, the Southern Pacific Masters Swimming Short Course Meter (SCM) Champs was the largest SCM meet in 2019.  There were 13 Oregon swimmers who made the trip down to southern California to compete this year: Arlene Delmage, Kurt Grote, David Hathaway, Alexis Higlett, Rick Howell, Julie Kamat, […]

Oregon Swimmers Set Records, Place Well at SPMS Champs in ...

Box jellyfish
In October, 2014, Chloë McCardel, an Australian, set an Open Water World Record for the Longest Unassisted# Swim under Marathon Swimmers Federation international rules+. She endured 12 jelly fish stings from a box jellyfish* just 12 hours into her swim through the Bahamas. Wearing only a regulation swim suit, a […]

Longest Unassisted Open Water Swim

Colette Crabbe - 1976 Olympian in the 400IM and 200 breast
In my last two articles I spoke about the 5 pillars on which your health is based and about the power of habits.  As we launch into 2020, I would like you to bring your 20/20 vision and hindsight to learn from your past mistakes and resounding successes to create […]

Bring 20/20 Vision to Your 2020 Resolutions

Matt Miller
This is a summary of an article posted on the USMS.org website in August of 2019, with some added information about bone density.  It is a great article that spells out the details of why weight lifting is important as we age.  I am pointing it out here in the […]

Reduce Injury Risk by Lifting Weights

COMA’s ‘Metric’ Birthday Party According to international swimming rules (for all pool meets measured metrically) and for USMS long distance rules, a swimmer’s age group for the year is determined by his or her age on December 31, the last day of the year.  So, logically, January 1, the first […]

Long Distance Swimming – February 2020

Lex Higlett Summer Nationals
Hi, I’m Lex. I’m an Aussie who swims (pretty much just Freestyle) with the MAC. Growing up in Australia we spent a lot of time in the water.  My older sister, younger brother and I swam a couple of times a week with our local swim club run by Forbes […]

Swimmer Spotlight: Lex Higlett