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For the PDF version, follow this link: February 2016 OMS AquaMaster All of the articles in the AquaMaster are also available online here: Aqua Master articles online

February 2016 AquaMaster Available

2015 Canby Animal Gargoyles
December 20th saw the annual Canby Animal Meet and this year the competitive animals showed up in force.  How competitive was it?  Three of the defending champs from last year competed and were unable to win their titles back as new challengers took the coveted Canby Animal Meet Gargoyle Trophy! […]

Competitive Animals!

Gabe Duus
Download the PDF file here: Team Life – January 2016 Featured this month are: ORM – Oregon Reign Masters RVM – Rogue Valley Masters

Team Life – January 2016

OMS members prepare annually for the Association Championships where not only a team is crowned #1, but a VOTE BY YOU selects individuals for various awards. The following are the awards in which you should nominate someone you feel worthy:   CONNIE WILSON MEMORIAL AWARD: This award is given annually […]


Sonja Skinner
I joined Masters Swimming  just over 4 years ago, with my first meet being the Canby Animal meet in 2011.  I fell back in love with swimming right away after feeling so disconnected from it.  I didn’t call myself a swimmer anymore, I was just a person who used to […]

Swimmer Spotlight: Sonja Skinner

We will remember 2015 as the frustrating year that Oregon Club slipped a lot in ePostal swim participation and a few other teams in the nation caught up: In 2012, 256 Oregon swimmers did at least one Postal swim; in 2014, that number had fallen to 214; by 2015, that […]

Long Distance Swimming – January 2016

Yogi Berra
It is little known, but Yogi Berra, Hall Of Fame Yankee catcher, was obviously a swimming enthusiast.  He was involved in the landing during D-Day where almost all, except paratroopers, got wet.  He got wet many times after the many Yankee’s World Series victories he was in. It is also […]

Yogi Berra—Swim Coach

Successful workout groups are contingent on a few common traits.  The first step is having a stable pool situation.  If you are trying to start a workout group in a facility that doesn’t offer a Masters program, work with the aquatic director.  Many pools have scheduled activities, and also times […]

How to Build a Successful Masters Workout Group