PSM SCM Champs High Point winners
Given the absence of a USMS Short Course Meters (SCM) National Championship, several regional meets have arisen to fill this void, blossoming into large events stacked deep with serious competition and lots of fast swimming.  Unfortunately, in the Pacific Northwest a void still exists for a large SCM event.  However, […]

Premier SCM Event in the Pacific Northwest – Puget ...

Oregon Masters Swimming delegates at the United States Aquatic Sports Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, were Christina Fox, Susie Young, Tim Waud, Sandi Rousseau, Ginger Pierson and Bob Bruce
by the OMS Delegates The United States Aquatic Sports Convention was held September 21-25, in Atlanta, Georgia.  OMS sent 6 delegates to the convention.  Each of them wrote a report of their experience and below are some of the highlights of the meetings they attended.  The delegates were Christina Fox, […]

USMS Convention Reports

Men's 200-239 4x100 SCM Free Relay
There were 77 swimmers registered in the Fall Classic at Hood River.  This pool has 10 lanes, and a nice warm (93°F) hydrotherapy pool!  Thank you, Sandi, for hosting this meet. Here are some highlights, comments and fun notes about the meet: This was Mirjana Prather’s (MVA) first meet in […]

World Record Swimming at Hood River — Exciting!

World Record 200 Medley Relay; Age group 280-319; Joy Ward, Rebecca Kay, Janet Gettling, Sandi Rousseau
Relays are fun!  And OMS is allowing members to sign up with club OREG for free this year!  You read correctly — it is FREE!  That would make more fast swimmers available for relays.  All members of the same club can swim in a relay.  Since Club OREG has a […]

Try a Relay

Jeanne Teisher 1
Dear Fellow Swimmers: After 12 years (off and on) as the OMS Chair I am handing over the gavel, so to speak, to Tim Waud.  It has been an honor and privilege to serve the OMS Masters swimmers as Chair for the past few years.  It has also been an […]

Jeanne Teisher Retiring as OMS Board Chairman

Tiny Aileen Riggin of Newport, Rhode Island, was only 14 years old when she won her Olympic gold medal in springboard diving.  At 4 feet 7 inches tall and weighing 65 pounds, she was the smallest athlete at the 1920 Olympic Games in Antwerp, Belgium. She was born May 2, […]

Aileen Riggin-Soule — Olympic Diver and Swimmer

Tim Waud
U.S. Masters Swimming held the National Coaches Clinic (NCC) in San Mateo, California, November 11-13, 2016.  This was the 2nd Annual NCC with over 130 USMS Coaches in attendance.  Guest speakers included: Dr. Ernest Maglischo, Steven Munatones, CokieLepinski, Olympian Sheila Taormina, Dr. Rod Havriluk, and Coach Ronald A. Marcikic.  I […]

2016 U.S. Masters Swimming National Coaches Clinic—San Mateo, California

Long Distance Swimming
What is the One-Hour Swim?  This event resolves the basic question of how far can you swim in one hour.  It’s the first USMS postal swim each year, done only during the months of January & February.  It’s the largest stand-alone participation event on the USMS calendar, as more than […]

2017 One Hour Swim