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Many of us are either not swimming at all right now, or we are not swimming with our regular workout groups due to the impact COVID-19 has had on the ability of aquatic facilities to operate.  Based on information from swim friends around the state and country, it seems that, if pools are operating at all, in most cases teams aren’t yet swimming together and swimmers must sign up in advance to reserve lane time, which is limited.

If you are back in the pool and swimming with a team, you are one of the very lucky and very few.  As I understand it, most aquatic facilities are limiting swim time to 45 minutes per individual, and are only allowing one or two people per lane.  As such, swimmers will likely not be swimming in coached workouts for a while, and will likely be self-coached for the foreseeable future.

Thankfully, the USMS national office has been working on providing USMS members with ways to continue to stay active during this time.  In fact, you should have recently received an email with a link to the new online workout library.  Accessing it requires a USMS membership, and you must be logged into the website.  The library can be found at this URL:

This is a great asset at this time where many of us are swimming alone.  For those just getting back in the water after a multi-month break, I’d suggest starting with the “Low-Volume or Limited Mobility Training” when initially getting back in the pool.  Then, as your fitness begins to progress and you feel stronger and more fit, work your way into whatever your preferred training regimen typically is – i.e. open water training, high-intensity (sprint) training, stroke and IM training, etc.

If you aren’t able to get back in the pool yet, whatever you do be sure to “Just keep moving”!  I hope to see some of you again in the not too distant future at a sanctioned USMS event.  Until then, stay active, fit, and healthy!

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One thought on “Workouts for Those Swimming Without a Coach

  • Mike Kelber

    KrocMasters are back to normal. We haven’t had a coach for years but we are working out together with no time constraints and allowed to share lanes