Winning Isn’t Normal

by Dr. Keith F. Bell
Sports Psychologist – Coach – Swimmer

Having begun his career as a sports psychologist working with The University of Texas Longhorns and the Kenyon College Lords and Ladies, arguably two of the most successful collegiate athletic teams of all time in any sport, Dr. Keith Bell was a pioneer in Sports Psychology; the first full-time sports psychologist in private practice.  Dr. Bell is considered the father of swimming psychology and is internationally recognized as one of the foremost experts on sports performance enhancement.  Dr. Bell continues to make unique and valuable contributions to sports, business, and other endeavors where performance demands excellence with his seminars, speaking engagements, consultations – with coaches, parents, athletes and governing bodies.

Dr. Bell has served as the Sports Psychologist for the National and Olympic teams for the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Cayman Islands as well as giving talks, camps and clinics for hundreds of Club Swimming, YMCA, collegiate, and National Teams.  He has spoken to thousands of swimming parents in parent sessions for hundreds of swimming teams.


Dr. Bell helmed the varsity women’s team at the University of Texas as its first salaried Head Coach (it was previously a volunteer position) and went on to coach his wife – the first modern professional swimmer to continue competing on the world stage into her 30s and 40s – Sandy Neilson-Bell, who returning to the sport 12 years after her three Olympic gold medals, finalled at Olympic Trials at age thirty-two and was top 20 in the world (FINA world rankings) in her event at age forty.  Dr. Bell also earned a USMS National Coach of the Year honor.


Dr. Bell continues training every single day, maintaining a streak of over 10,000 days straight without a single missed calendar day of training.  A 4-time All-American at Kenyon College, Dr. Bell was also the oldest swimmer ever to medal at a U.S. Swimming National Championships and is the only male swimmer ever to win 11 Gold Medals in a single USMS National championships.


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