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After last year’s disastrous fire around the lake, the Whiskeytown Open Water swims will take place Sunday, September 8th, as announced by Mark Wagner, Head Coach of the Redding Swim Team.  The swims will take place at Oak Bottom Marina on Hwy, 299 west of Redding.

Almost all of the 42,000 acres of the Whiskeytown Park were torched in the Carr Fire of last year.  40 boats were lost at Oak Bottom, and the infrastructure at Brandy Creek was wiped out.

For Oregon open water swimmers the resumption of the Whiskeytown event is a chance to do something intriguing.  They can swim two events at Lake of the Woods on Saturday morning, September 7, and then drive down to Redding that afternoon.  On Sunday swimmers can go two more events in Whiskeytown Lake to help support the Redding Swim Club and the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area in recovering from the catastrophe of last year.

Awards in the past for the Whiskeytown swims have been lovely and substantial mugs.  More information on the Whiskeytown event will be soon listed on the Pacific Association Masters swim schedule at https://www.pacificmasters.org/pacm/schedule.

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