USMS Nationals Highlights

August 17-21
Mt. Hood Community College; Gresham, OR

What a great time we had being outdoors, at the pool, and in the warmth of both the sun and friends for five full days!  Nothing can beat a USMS National swim meet in your own backyard!

Thank you Dennis Baker and Tim Waud for being co-meet directors.  They did a great job.  And thanks to all the volunteers—many volunteers made things go smoothly.

Stats indicate that, in individual events, there were 1287 swimmers registered; 47 DQs; 387 scratches or no-shows.  In relays, there were 20 DQs and 11 scratches or no-shows.

Oregon Masters was by far the largest club with 275 swimmers.  Six other countries were also represented by swimmers.

Number of Records broken by club OREG swimmers:

Record Oregon Zone National World
Individual 39 20 1 0
Relay 17 13 6  2

The only individual National record was set by Rebecca Kay (70) in the 50 Meter Freestyle.  She got a blistering :33.95!!!

Oregon had 112 relays, thanks to Brent Washburne for making the relay combinations with a computer program he wrote.  Thanks also to the relay coaches who implemented the relay combinations, and to the swimmers who were willing to participate in relays.

A World record was set in a Mixed 200-239 — -200 Meter Medley Relay, consisting of, Valerie Jenkins, Kurt Grote, Gabe Duus and Karen Andrus-Hughes; with a time of 2:01.98.  They broke an 11-year-old record by 0.34 seconds.

Another World record was set in a Mixed 320-359 — 200 Meter Freestyle Relay, consisting of Rebecca Kay, Willard, Lamb, Barbara Frid, and David Radcliff with a time of 2:35.97; breaking the 10-year-old record by 1.13 seconds.

For more records, please see this PDF: Records from Summer Nationals 2016

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