USMS Launches Unified Membership Fee

As approved by the House of Delegates (HOD) during the virtual 2020 Annual Meeting, USMS will launch its unified national fee structure for the 2021 registration year, which began Thursday, Oct. 1, with club and workout group registration.  The unified fee also applies to swimmer registration, which opens on Nov. 1.

Unified National Registration Fees

  • USMS 2021 individual membership: $60
  • USMS 2021 club & workout registration: $60
  • USMS 2021 one-event membership (OEVT): $15

Each LMSC will receive 20 percent of each of the unified fees, which will be distributed monthly:

  • $12 of the $60 individual membership
  • $12 of the $60 club & workout registration
  • $3 of the $15 one-event membership (OEVT) — LMSCs have the option to offer OEVTs at events sanctioned by their own LMSC.

We will continue to develop strategies to address what our clubs and coaches are facing as we build a roadmap for 2021, and beyond.

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