Two-Mile ePostal Relay

In 2017, the Tualatin Hills Barracudas ran the first USMS-sanctioned ePostal Two-Mile Relay.  A relay team is made up of 2, 3, or 4 swimmers, each swimming 100 yds in rotation until they reach 3600 yards.  If there are two swimmers, each swims 18 x 100.  For 3 swimmers, each swims 12 x 100, and for 4 swimmers, each swims 9 x 100.  Mixed relays are permitted for 2 and 4 swimmer relays.  Swimmers may dive off the blocks or push off the wall.

Relays must be swum between October 1 and November 30.  For more details and registration information, please go to

A survey was sent to relay participants to get their feedback on what they liked about the event.  Their comments included:

  • Fun, team oriented, hard.
  • It was awesome and built team camaraderie.
  • It was great to support each other. Relays are always WAY more fun than swimming an event by yourself.
  • Diving off the blocks and sprinting. It’s a great workout.
  • If was fun to do a relay with teammates of mixed gender and age. We were able to complete it during practice time.  Great results in every way imaginable.
  • Harder than I thought.
  • Good workout! 7th, 8th, & 9th legs were brutal, but it set me up for a good multi-day meet in California later in the week.
  • I am more of a fitness swimmer than competitor, so I loved the chance to try something new. I put together a team of women like me and we did it.  We want to do more events like that.
  • Not as boring as the other ePostals.

Two-Mile ePostal Relay Records


Age Grp      Time      # Swimmers  Club         Year     Swimmers

18+             37:28.14            4              OREG        2018           Erin Cavender, Sara Shepard, Cailee Caldwell, Brianna Showell
25+             37:49.07            3              UMAC       2018           Courtney Randolph, Laura Rose, Mollie Grover
35+             43:18.02            4              NCMS       2018           Trista Mennen, Jennifer Kerestes, Meredith Moore, Elizabeth Kalka
45+             39:37.42            4              OREG        2018           Gillian Salton, Diedra Cherzan, Cheryl A Morgen, Betsy A Hanson
55+             43:02.07            4              MOST        2018           Susan Ingraham, Julie Eakle, Elaine Valdez, Suzanne Cuda
65+             56:26.50            3              MOST        2017           Ann Vitt, Connie Lindsey, Randee Burke
75+       01:24:02.08            3              SUSA         2017           Lynne Lund, Dorthy Kennedy, Ruth Sluder


Age Grp      Time      # Swimmers  Club         Year     Swimmers

18+             37:51.22            4              OREG        2017           Ryan Clark, Darren McCarthy, Peter Kircher, Andrew Scott
25+             35:52.16            4              OREG        2017           Paul Slotemaker, Michael Baele, Brian August, Steven Arms
35+             36:48.31            4              OREG        2018           Matt Miller, Mike Oxendine, Mark Hageman, Mike Dix
45+             35:14.03            4              WLOO      2017           David McClellan, Brian Buras, Ron Orris, Mike Varozza
55+             37:38.76            2              TXLA         2017           Larry Wood, Jim Sauer
65+             43:13.47            4              OREG        2018           Larry Philbrick, Michael Kelber, Robert Maestre, James Wiens
75+             52:27.21            2              OREG        2017           Fred Anderson, Dave Radcliff


Age Grp      Time      # Swimmers  Club         Year     Swimmers

18+             41:26.15            4              OREG        2018     Anna Daggett, Tim Cespedes, Rachel Tsu hyde, Brian Parrott
25+             38:37.99            4              MOST        2018     Erica Kao, Stephen Nicols
35+             39:10.50            4              MINN        2017     Peggy Kratz, Wendy Peterson, Eric Vogen, Sean Bateman
45+             40:02.67            4              OREG        2018     Mark Frost, Toni Hecksel, Bill Sumerfield, Kathleen Collins
55+             38:55.23            4              OREG        2018     Colette Crabbe, Robert Voll, David Hathaway, Arlene Delmage
65+             51:44.60            4              OREG        2018     Sandi Rousseau, Lynne Pendleton, Mike Pendleton, Michael Stephenson
75+      01:28:41.84            4              MOST      2017     Gail Marsch, Wendell Peters, Claire Gregg, Louis Raiborn

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