Trivia Question – Does anyone know who the current OMS President is?* 1

The question was asked, Who were the past OMS presidents, in order, and when did they start and end their presidency.  So, I looked in the past Aqua Master newsletters to find the information below.  Some months there was no published Aqua Master, so if a new president took over during that time I had no way to tell.  Also, October, 1981, was the first Aqua Master in the OMS archives.

I remember being in a meet at Reynolds HS on December 31, 1972, so you can see how many years went by before a newsletter was started by OMS.  At that time Oregon was part of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).  The internet says USMS was founded in 1970, but AAU was over Masters Swimming at that time; USMS didn’t exist.  We had to wait for the Masters National newsletter, put out by June Krauser, to get meet results.

See how many names you recognize in the list below.

*You can find the answer by looking at any recent Aqua Master, page 2.


Name                                                               Start                      End                          Comments

1          Earl Walter                                                 Oct-1981           Dec-1982            This was the first newsletter in the OMS archives

2          Arthur Smith                                             Jan-1983           Dec-1984           

3          Sandi Rousseau                                        Jan-1985           Nov-1986           

4          Bert Peterson                                            Dec-1986          Oct-1988             No November, 1988, Aqua Master

5          Kathleen Buck                                          Dec-1988          Nov-1990           

6          John Zell                                                    Dec-1990          Dec-1992           

7          David Cobb                                               Feb-1993           Dec-1994            No January, 1993, Aqua Master

8          Eric Guest                                                  Jan-1995           Dec-1998           

9          Suzanne Rague                                        Jan-1999           Oct-2000            

10       Jeanne Teisher                                         Nov-2000          Sep-2004            

11       Jeanne Teisher & Sandi Rousseau         Oct-2004           Dec-2004           

12       Jody Welborn                                           Jan-2005           Dec-2010           

13       Jeanne Teisher                                         Jan-2011           Dec-2016           

14       Tim Waud                                                  Jan-2017           present               

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