Top Ten List for better freestyle

Over the thousands of hours of private swim lessons I do there are certain things that keep coming up with all levels of swimmers doing Freestyle.  Here is the top 10 list with a few tips to help.

  1. Middle Finger In First. I see so many swimmers in Freestyle enter with the index finger.  This causes crossover and bad body movement.
  2. Pull Straight Down. Related to number 1.  Scientifically proven to enter straight in with middle finger, anchor hand at shoulder width and pull straight down along the side of the body for best forward velocity.
  3. Hunch Shoulders To Ears. Shoulders need to be high for maximum power.  Never drop shoulder below chin.
  4. Head Down. Usually keep the water just above the scalp line.  Don’t look forward underwater.
  5. Fingers Together. At least 3 fingers together to create your own paddle in the water.
  6. Keep Legs Close Together. If your legs are coming apart especially when you breathe you are creating a parachute effect and too much resistance.
  7. Point Your Toes. Especially if you aren’t a leg driven swimmer.  If your toes are pointing down it’s another parachute effect.
  8. Pull Down Around The Barrel. In other words a high elbow underwater recovery.
  9. Breathe Into Your Armpit. Don’t look at the swimmers ahead of you; look at the swimmers behind you.  Looking forward when you breathe takes your body out of optimal position.
  10. Don’t Blow All Of Your Air Out Underwater Right Away. Be in control of your breathing.  Blow out when you start to turn your head to breathe.  Continue to breathe out as your mouth comes out of the water.  This will ensure that water won’t come into the mouth and regulates your breathing.

Try the top 10 and you will be well on your way to being a better Freestyler.

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