Time for Long Course and Open Water!

It’s that time of year again and time for my tips for swimming and training long course and open water.  Let’s look at some tips and basics that you need to think about when approaching the summer season.

  1. Always think about technique and try to reduce resistance in your stroke. Since there are less walls or no walls, the less resistance you have in your stroke the less tired you will get.
  2. Practice your open water sighting and make it part of your stroke. Lift the head as hand is coming out, look up, finish breath to the side like a normal breath.
  3. Practice your 2-beat kick. Longer distances demand less kicking or your heartrate will be too high.  Use your legs as rudders more than a propulsion type 6-beat kick.
  4. Think about your core more. This will help with technique and body position and keep you going in a straight line.
  5. In Freestyle make sure you’re not rotating too much from side to side and keep shoulder high.
  6. Let your shoulders lead your arms and hands in all the strokes. Swimming is all about the shoulders.
  7. Find a buddy for open water.
  8. Stay hydrated with the warmer weather.
  9. Set a short term goal for the end of August or early September.
  10. Set a long term goal for August of 2016 as we are hosting MASTERS NATIOALS!!!

Try these tips and you will be well on your way to a fun summer of long course and open water swimming.

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