Thanks to our retiring Aqua Master Editor 4

Alice Zabudsky

We can never say enough to thank Alice Zabudsky for her untiring efforts in putting together and editing our Aqua Master for the last 13 years since November 2009 when she took over the position from Dave Radcliff!  She cajoled us to submit articles and photos, she came to events just to take photos, and she offered articles from other sources to keep our interest.

Alice was creative and tried a variety of new columns, and she was always thinking ahead as to what might be of interest to our members.  She would continually reach out to members about how it would be a good article to cover specific events …. hoping it would result in a submitted article.  She has been active in Oregon Masters since the 1970s, so she has seen history in the making over the years.  She has also been the recipient of the Ol’ Barn and Connie Wilson Service awards as recognition of her dedication.

In a recent survey by the USMS History and Archives Committee, the Aqua Master was recognized as one of the best Masters swimming newsletters in the nation with its consistency, coverage of our events, and communication with our members.  The number of photos she hunts down is impressive!

We will miss Alice’s talent and spirit in the editing world, but we hope to see her on the pool deck more!

Thank you, Alice!

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4 thoughts on “Thanks to our retiring Aqua Master Editor

  • Ginger Pierson

    Congratulations on your retirement. You will love it. With all the time it took to compose the AM, what will you occupy yourself with going forward?

  • Joseph A Oakes

    I have dealt with several editors over the years. Alice Zabudsky has always been the cream of the crop.

    Not only did she read and comment on the contents my articles, but she went the extra steps to enhance them with relevant pictures and maps. She will be missed.

    Joe Oakes