Thank Yous – November 2020

Whenever you feel thankful for someone in OMS, write your Thanks to the Aqua Master Editor.  Tell who you are thanking and what they have done to make you appreciate them.  You can write a “Thank You” every month, to someone different!  This will be an ongoing feature if there is enough interest.  Write to  [Also give your name, for email addresses don’t always give names.]

This month, John Foges, Lex Higlett and I have people to thank, and we still have some for future Aqua Master issues.  Please send your “Thank You” to me ASAP!

  • I want to thank Scot Sullivan & Dan Jorgensen, for pushing me, giving me feet to chase, drafts to swim in & for swimming virtual events with me that they were not even entered in.–Lex Higlett
  • After falling in love with flat open water swimming this summer; I realized the water would soon be getting COLD. Never having had a wetsuit on, much less swam in one, I put a call in to three experienced expert swimmers.  Bob Bruce, Dave Radcliff and Ralph Mohr all shared their knowledge giving me the confidence to buy a wetsuit (or two) and plunge into the colder water.  I wholeheartedly thank them.  A new adventure.  Yippee!—John Foges
  • Thank you Sandi Rousseau for doing proofing, patiently answering my questions, and working with USMS to protect the interests of the Oregon LMSC.—Alice Zabudsky
  • I want to thank Jess Stacy for swimming next to me, wherever we go. Vancouver lake, The Willamette, Lake Oswego, Hagg Lake & in the lane next to me at Newberg.  Jess makes every swim fun.–Lex Higlett
  • I want to thank Meredith, Aly, Emily, Conor, Mitch, Hayley, Jordan, Eric, Sami, Mike, Lauren, Curtis, Karl & Karen, who have been friendly faces & company on one swim or another over the last few months. Swimming and being part of this community has been a bright spot in a pretty rubbish year.–Lex Higlett
  • A big thank you to the regular writers for the Aqua Master: Tim Waud, Colette Crabbe, Matt Miller, Bob Bruce, Karen Andrus Hughes, Arlene Delmage and Ralph Mohr.—Alice Zabudsky

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