Swim Across America – “Making Waves to Fight Cancer” 3

Clackamas River Cove, Oregon City
18 July 2021

Submitted by Arlene Delmage and Britta Daubersmith

In mid July, the Oregon City Tankers hosted their second annual swim to support Swim Across America, an organization that raises money for cancer research, prevention and treatment.  The event was codirected by Britta Daubersmith, Arlene Delmage, and Tim Waud.  2021 marks the 34th year of SAA.  During that time SAA has grown from a single event in Nantucket, MA, to twenty-one open water swims and dozens of pool swims across the nation each year.  To date SAA has raised nearly $100 million for cancer research.

On the morning of July 18th fifteen swimmers gathered at the Clackamas Cove in Oregon City to participate in the swim.  Before setting off, swimmers and kayakers were handed Gerber daises in honor or memory of a loved one with cancer.  The daises were placed in the water as a reminder to the participants of why they were there.  Seven females and eight males began the swim together, talking, laughing and taking pictures.  Seven gracious kayakers provided support.

The course around three buoys was a 1200 yard loop, and participants could choose to swim from one to four laps, the greatest being approximately 5000 yards.  Collectively the swimmers racked up 75,000 yards or 42.5 miles.  The water temperature was a balmy 79 degrees, so no wetsuits were needed.  It was a fun, social swim with swimmers gathering at every buoy to converse and wait for others before proceeding.

Oregon City Tanker Jim Remensperger swam a 10K on the other side of the state for SAA!  Lizzie Cheney was the teams’ top fundraiser pulling in $2820.  Jim Remensperger, David Kilburn, and Tim Waud all raised over $2000 each.  Congratulations to these individuals on their amazing fundraising efforts.  Kudos, too, to the rest of the team who did the difficult work of asking friends, colleagues and family to pitch in.  Most importantly the swim raised $13,743 for cancer research.

“The Cove” in Oregon City.

“The Cove” in Oregon City.

What an amazing way to spend a morning swimming open water with friends and raising money for a great cause.

There is a six part documentary streaming on Discovery Life about Swim Across America called, “Wave Makers.”  The series shares stories of people battling cancer, from patients, survivors, doctors, family members, volunteers and Olympians.  The first three episodes are out now and are well worth watching.

Britta Daubersmith

Britta Daubersmith

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3 thoughts on “Swim Across America – “Making Waves to Fight Cancer”

  • Roy Lambert

    I’m sorry I couldn’t join you this year in the swim. But that just means I was (and am) in Maine for the summer. If you let me know next year when the swim will be occurring, I’ll join you in spirit by doing a longer version of my regular Woods Pond swim.