Postal Two-Mile Relay 2

Are you tired of all those long distance postal swims? Do you need something that doesn’t take an hour or two to finish? The Postal Two-Mile relay is just for you. You only have to swim 100 yards (or meters), … 9 times if there are 4 swimmers on your team. The team members swim 100’s in rotation until 3600 yards (or meters) is reached. The relay team can be 2, 3, or 4 swimmers. For a team of four they would each swim 9 x 100. A team of three would swim 12 x 100, and a team of two would swim 18 x 100. If you do the swim in a meter pool, your times will be converted to yard times. You can enter twice, once for same gender and once for mixed gender. You can go off the blocks and it is strongly suggested that you have a ladder close by if you do.

This is a USMS sanctioned event and this is the first year it is being held. See here for more information:

Postal Two-Mile Relay


Jim Teisher
Event Director

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