Phil: From Irritable Bowel Syndrome to Competitive Cyclist

by Phil

*Here is another success story from Dr. McDougall’s patients.

Phil before

Phil before

My name is Phil; and I’m 28 living in the UK. I spent my childhood overweight and was always teased at school for being fat. I also suffered with stomach issues, which was later discovered to be IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). This would give me extreme pains in my lower abdomen.

By the time I was 18 years old, I was 6 feet 5 inches and 280 pounds. I decided to try and lose weight with all kinds of crash diets, and consequently my weight yo-yoed for a few years.

I finally discovered The McDougall Program after seeing a few people on YouTube following Dr. McDougall’s advice with great success. I took up cycling and completely changed my lifestyle by following The McDougall Program. My weight came down from 280 pounds to 200 pounds, where it stayed at for some time.

Phil after

Phil after

I recently had issues with IBS again, so I decided to clean up my diet once more and get on The McDougall Maximum Weight Loss Program. My IBS completely healed itself and I lost an additional 16.5 pounds.

I race my bike competitively and participate in time trial racing in the UK. My best results? 13th place in the 10-mile time trial national championships and, in 2018, I won nine time trial races!

Thank you for all of your various online resources, such as YouTube videos and podcasts, as they were crucial to my road to success.


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