Pentathlons in the Spring!

Pentathlons in the Spring!

By Charlie Helm

Spring seems to have been the time for the Pentathlon meets with COMA hosting their LCM Pentathlon plus the first open water event of the year the Lake Juniper swim on the weekend of May 16th and 17th. More recently, T-Hills hosted their LCM Pentathlon on June 6th. Sad to say, I was hit with a respiratory illness and missed both events which really bummed me out. Sorry to say, this means no photos of me hanging out on deck at these events that so many of you look forward to every month.

The COMA meet featured both a traditional Pentathlon plus a freestyle only version to accommodate those swimmers who prefer to suffer in freestyle only. I did not get a report of any records for that meet, but I see there were some competitive swims based on the results. The Lake Juniper swim on Sunday showed 32 swimmers braved the unpredictable waters of the lake to successfully navigate the buoys. COMA is always a good host and the reports I got was everyone seemed to have a fun weekend in Bend.

The T-Hills Pentathlon was also in the LCM format and our OMS records guru reports that there was 11 new LCM pentathlon records set plus 5 individual records. The five individual records were set by Arlene Delmage, Janet Gettling, Jerri Kawabata-2 records, and Wink Lamb. Again, the reports I got from various sources say there were some good competitive swims and heats at the T-Hills meet.

We’re now getting into our summer season which means both open water events and a few pool meets are coming fast and furious. Enjoy the beginning of summer and I’ll see you at the pool or the lake!

OMS Records set in 2015 through June 6

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