Colette Crabbe - 1976 Olympian in the 400IM and 200 breast 1
In this article, we will try to be a little more specific about the principles we highlighted in our previous month’s article and give you some examples on how to be creative and adapt your workouts just for you. If you are working out by yourself, there are pros and […]

How To Design Your Own Workout – Part 2

Kevin Cleary 1
Throughout our lives, from grade school through high school, regardless of the sport you played or activity you took part in, you no doubt heard from your teachers or coaches about the importance of attitude. More often than not, you certainly heard classmates or teammates being called out for having […]

Rotten Eggs and Rubber Balls

The Pinger family swam a medley relay together at the 2022 Association meet in Mollala - (l to r) Mark, Sebastian & Uli. Mark & Uli also have two daughters, Sidney & Robin.
Name:                    Mark Pinger Age;                        52 Occupation:          General Manager, Arena North America Team:                     Stafford Hills Club That’s my story and I am sticking to it. It all started in a little town in the South of Germany.  Growing up, I remember frequently being asked how long I have been swimming.  I […]

Swimmer Spotlight – Mark Pinger

Joe Oakes 1
In 1953, a year after I graduated from high school, my Aunt Mercedes Barbarosa gave me two books as late graduation presents, something that I could carry with me as I left for military service in Korea.  The first was a copy of her beautifully illustrated book, The Living Goya.  […]

Yoga and Swimming

by John McDoughall, MD (There seems to be a surge in promoting the Keto Diet, hence the Aqua Master is revisiting that subject with Dr. McDougall.) Dr. McDougall explains that low-carb diets cause weight loss by making people sick.  Ketosis happens when the body is starving, which isn’t a sustainable […]

Keto versus Starch-based Diets

Following his reputation, coach Bob Bruce organized his famous pentathlon on June 14 in Bend.  Although you can pick and choose your races, Bob designs this meet with the courageous swim warriors in mind.  There is the long-distance freestyle pentathlon which includes all the freestyle races from the 50 to […]

COMA Long Course Meters Pentathlon and Juniper Open water Festival