Ralph Mohr
‘If exercise were a pill, it would be hailed as a “wonder drug.” ‘ We swimmers are doing something right.  We’re just not getting credit for it in international media. A recent on-line article mirrors this: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-51006325.  The article is on marathon runners, in a study done by an English […]

Swim Bits – February 2020

Here is Joe on the ladder when the concrete wall ended 1
Our ship had sailed into Oslo, Norway last summer. I had the opportunity to visit a couple of museums that I have long wanted to see. One was the Thor Hyerdahl museum, with the Kon Tiki. The other museum had three excavated Viking ships, along with tons of artifacts. It […]

My Norway Swim

Jill Marie Asch, Alexis Higlett, MAC
Photos by Jill Marie Asch More than twenty Oregon swimmers attended the 2019 Puget Sound Masters SCM Championship Meet in Federal Way, WA, on November 24.  As usual, our friends to the north were great hosts providing a fast pool and a fun atmosphere.  It was a one day meet, […]

Puget Sound Championship

Tim Waud
Greetings Fellow Masters Swimmers, As 2019 comes to a close, we look forward to the next year of training, comradery, and competition.  To date, we don’t have many pool events on the calendar, but we do have a full slate of open water events.  If you or your team are […]

Chair’s Corner – January 2020

Off the Block
by Phil *Here is another success story from Dr. McDougall’s patients. My name is Phil; and I’m 28 living in the UK. I spent my childhood overweight and was always teased at school for being fat. I also suffered with stomach issues, which was later discovered to be IBS (Irritable […]

Phil: From Irritable Bowel Syndrome to Competitive Cyclist

Colette Crabbe - 1976 Olympian in the 400IM and 200 breast 1
As we age, keeping a healthy brain and body should be one of our top priorities.  However, an avalanche of information from all sources and advertising often cause more confusion than clarity.  Filtering thru the conflicting reports is a key challenge.  To help us with the challenge, AARP created the […]

The Five Pillars of Brain Health