Vancouver swimmers Mark Crosby, Jayette Pettit, Beth Martell, Doug Brockbank, Suzy Jajewski, and Arlene Delmage enjoy a beautiful day on the Columbia River. With fall rapidly approaching water temperatures in the area are dropping quickly. The “Wim Hoff” award goes to Mark Crosby and Suzy Jajewski. If you don’t know […]

Open Water Swimming in OR & WA – October 2021

Todd writes: “here are some photos from the 8K Eel Lake swim that Sue and I did with Ralph rowing along. Robin Bragg was also there keeping us company for a bunch of it.  We had a great swim!” The swim took them about 2 hours 28 minutes. Congratulations, Sue […]

Sue Phillips and Todd Lantry’s 8k swim

“Swimmer Spotlight” on Art Noxon, in the  September 2021, issue. Art wrote that he was DQd for doing three strokes of “back fly”.  We edited it to read that he did three strokes of “double-arm backstroke“. That gave the wrong impression of what he really did.  Double-arm backstroke implies that […]

Correction to September 2021 AquaMaster

Britta Daubersmith 3
Clackamas River Cove, Oregon City 18 July 2021 Submitted by Arlene Delmage and Britta Daubersmith In mid July, the Oregon City Tankers hosted their second annual swim to support Swim Across America, an organization that raises money for cancer research, prevention and treatment.  The event was codirected by Britta Daubersmith, […]

Swim Across America – “Making Waves to Fight Cancer”

My journey began just a few months after I turned 24.  I started feeling numbness in both my hands.  Within a few days, I became totally numb in not just both hands, but along the side of my body.  I also experienced severe levels of fatigue and “spasticity.”  I went […]

Jeanmarie: From Multiple Sclerosis to Complete Remission

Colette Crabbe - 1976 Olympian in the 400IM and 200 breast 2
Swimming is your favorite sport.  In this article, we will explore a few ways to complement your routine at home or on vacation if you do not have access to a pool, or if you just want to step up to the next level. Mental training: A strong body is […]

How to Complement Your Swimming Fitness Program at Home

Kevin Cleary
Since my sophomore year of high school (1999-2000), competitive swimming has played a central role in my life.  That’s 22 years ago…YIKES!!! While many have been involved in the sport longer than I have, and would doubtless have many more and far deeper insights, I’d like to share some of […]

How the Sport of Swimming Can Improve Everyday Life

Bob Bruce 2
Eel Lake Swims Were Canceled.  Swimmers Came Anyway. I had a misadventure on Wed 11 Aug, having chest pains while crushing the 50-meter sprints during practice, and resulting in a trip to and stay at the hospital.  Without rehashing the details, I’m now home under house arrest, sporting four snappy […]

Oregon Long Distance Swimming – September 2021

2021 USMS SCY Nationals; July 21-25, 2021; Greensboro, NC—SCY Age Group Event Name Age Time Record set Women 55-59 50 Back Valerie Jenkins 58 29.85 Oregon, Zone Men 60-64 500 Free David Hathaway 61 5:33.79 Oregon Men 60-64 1000 Free David Hathaway 61 11:27.71 Oregon Men 60-64 400 I.M. David […]

Records by Oregon Swimmers – September 2021