My Swimming Amigos: No pool?  No problem.  I have been swimming twice a week in the Columbia River.  I go fairly early in the morning and the beach is empty except for a few dog walkers.  In the past month I have only seen three other swimmers.  (Note: there will […]

My Swimming Amigos

Tim Waud 1
Hello Swim Family. We all know that Tim Waud has a wide variety of special gifts.  When he does something he gives it his all, whether it is coaching, presiding over committee meetings, officiating, building teams, writing, running swim meets, making friends, caring for people, etc.  There is one more […]

Amazing Tim, the Life Saver

Tim Waud 5
Have you ever gone swimming in open water alone?  Many swimmers, myself included, love swimming in the great outdoors, even if we can’t find someone to go with us.  But swimming alone in open water can be dangerous.  A recent incident made me realize just how much, and has helped […]

Swimming with a Buddy

June Krauser
by June Krauser Editor’s Note:  In the early days of Masters Swimming, SWIM-MASTER became the official publication of the AAU Masters Swimming Committee.  Below is an editorial from one of the first issues:  December, 1972.  June Krauser was the first editor.  Just a bit of interesting history. Back in 1970 […]

“Swim-Master” Editorial

Colette Crabbe - 1976 Olympian in the 400IM and 200 breast 1
As we all know, the COVID-19 virus is a tough enemy.  It is still all around us; it is hard to beat, it is mutating but mostly it is very contagious.  So, wear your mask, wash your hands, and keep your social distance.  Some of the few consequences for most […]

How to shed that COVID layer?

Matt Miller 1
Many of us are either not swimming at all right now, or we are not swimming with our regular workout groups due to the impact COVID-19 has had on the ability of aquatic facilities to operate.  Based on information from swim friends around the state and country, it seems that, […]

Workouts for Those Swimming Without a Coach

Long Distance Swimming
Let’s lead off these notes with a description of a swimming incident on Tue 23 Jun, as told by OMS Past-President Jeanne Teisher: “Last night if it wasn’t for Tim Waud’s quick action, Jim (my husband) would not be here today.  He and Tim were swimming in the Clackamas Cove […]

Long Distance Swimming – August 2020

Toni Hecksel 2
Name:                            Toni Hecksel Age:                                54 Local Team:                   Columbia Gorge Masters Occupation:                  Physical therapist practicing in the home health setting.  Geriatrics is my specialty and that population is dear to my heart.  Every day that I work is a reminder to take care of myself TODAY and surround myself with a […]

Swimmer Spotlight: Toni Hecksel