2019 Spring Nationals in Mesa on April 25-29
Our memories of life when it was good must remain with us. These are pictures of the 2019 USMS Spring National Team that competed in Mesa, Arizona, April 25-28. Sixty-two Oregon swimmers racked up 1,359 points, to come in 3rd out of the 19 clubs in the Combined* Regional Clubs […]

Flashback – USMS Spring Nationals 2019

Lynne Cox - Modern Day Hero 1
by Shannon Keegan My podcast (which is also published to my YouTube channel): Marathon Swim Stories was recently nominated for World of Open Water Swimming Association Offering of the Year!  I recorded 70 interviews between April 2nd and December 22nd, 2020, no doubt buoying me through the turbulent times of the […]


Al Flores Before & After
by Al My father and mother did a lot together — they both had their gallbladders removed before age 60, got cancer at age 72 (dad had stomach cancer and mom had Lymphoma) and, sadly, died at the same age of 79.  Meanwhile, their siblings, on both sides, lived cancer-free […]

Got off Statins, Healed GERD and Returned to his College ...

Colette Crabbe - 1976 Olympian in the 400IM and 200 breast
The year 2020 was not what any of us expected, and although we just hit the reset button, nobody really knows what 2021 will be like.  The vaccination campaign, which just started, definitively gives us hope and shows us some light at the end of the tunnel.  But it is […]

2021 calls for a different approach to resolutions and goals

Kevin Cleary 1
It is my great pleasure to be addressing you for the first time as your OMS Coaches Chair! When I first hopped into the pool for my very first Masters swimming session back in 2003 – yikes…was it really that long ago?!?! – I never envisioned myself writing articles for […]

Greetings, fellow Masters swimmers!

Ralph Mohr 3
I’ve been asked by some OMS swimmers to explain why and how Mingus Park Pool is still open in Coos Bay this winter during Oregon’s COVID-19 epidemic. The first part is easy to explain; it’s an outdoor pool.  We’ve used Mingus for practice, lap swimming, high school, and age group, […]

Why Mingus Park Pool in Coos Bay is Still Open ...

Wes Edwards 1
Name: Wes Edwards Age: 67 Team: Formerly LaCamas Swim and Sport, Currently SOMA del Norte (Vancouver, WA) Occupation: Retired – Port of Portland Police I was born in Portland on my dad’s 25th birthday in 1953. I grew up on the Alameda Ridge of NE Portland.  My dad was a […]

Swimmer Spotlight – Wes Edwards

Joe Oakes 1
My son Chris is an avid climber.  One of the truisms among climbers is “Mountains are always falling; they follow the law of gravity.”  The same is true of rivers: they are always falling, following gravity from the mountains, flowing downhill to where most rivers end up in the sea.  […]