Bob Bruce 4
Oregon Masters member Bob Bruce has received this year’s Captain Ransom J. Arthur M.D. Award, U.S. Masters Swimming’s most prestigious award for volunteers. “Bob has worked tirelessly and with professional vigor for the past 23 years on every level within U.S. Masters Swimming,” Oregon Masters member Tim Waud wrote in […]

Congratulations Bob Bruce

Place numbers are national places OR = Oregon Record; NR = National Record * = made the Oregon All-Time Top Twelve   Women 40-44 5  Kiefer, Stacey                      43            COMA    4460 Women 45-49 8  Criscione, Anicia                 48            CAT        4215 11 Jajewski, Suzy                   46            SOMA    4015 14 Sortor, Rebecca                  49            COMA    3990 […]

Oregon LMSC Postal One-Hour Swim Results 2021

Scientists once believed that genetic information was fixed at the time of fertilization, and therefore was beyond any outside influences.  This has been found to be untrue.  Good genes are “turned on” by a healthy environment, just as “bad genes” are silenced by a healthy environment.  In practical terms “a […]

Human Genes are Turned On and Off by Diet

Colette Crabbe - 1976 Olympian in the 400IM and 200 breast 1
Whatever your sport, core exercises are an important part of a well-rounded fitness program.  Your core muscles are your muscles all around your trunk, and it pays to get them in shape. Core exercises improve your balance and stability.  Core exercises train the muscles around your pelvis, lower back, hips, […]

The core of your fitness program should be your core

Kevin Cleary
As a coach, I often hear my athletes say to me, “I can’t do this!” or “I can’t keep going!” or some other version of “I can’t!” in the middle of a tough practice. A couple of years ago, I was knee-deep in a particularly intense training session, and at […]

“I Can’t” vs. “I Don’t Want To”

Long Distance Swimming
Despite all manner of pool closures and/or restrictions earlier this year during the event’s January through March dates, the Oregon Club managed a relatively strong performance in the 2021 USMS One-Hour Postal National Championships.  Of course, our overall participation was way down.  But those who were able to swim did […]

Long Distance Swimming – July 2021

Name: Chuck La Tourrett Age: 78 Local Team: Grants Pass Masters Occupation: Retired Juvenile Court Counselor/Motivational Business Approximately 3 years ago at age 75, I decided to enroll in the Adult Learn to Swim (ALTS) class at the Grants Pass Family YMCA.  The instructor and coach was Michael Grant. I […]

Swimmer Spotlight – Chuck La Tourrette

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Long ago Brother Lucas, my high school physics teacher told me that I would weigh less if I were standing on top of the tallest peak in the Andes than I would if I were standing in Death Valley.  He explained that every object in the universe exerts a pull […]

Freed By The Moon

Ralph Mohr
We in the US have not been aware of it very much, but swimming outdoors in rivers, lakes, ponds, the oceans, etc., is called “wild swimming” in the British Isles, and there is a long tradition there of swimming all year around everywhere. Here in the US we have always […]

Swim Bits – July 2021