Amanda Callahan
Given to the female who has shown enthusiasm and spirit to her team and/or other Masters swimmers during the past year. Amanda has been the North Clackamas Masters Swimming president for 2018 and 2019, and is the reason the NCMS is still in existence in 2020. In 2017 we were […]

Oregon Masters Swimming Hazel Bressie Spirit Award 2019 – Amanda ...

Scot Sullivan
Given to the male who has shown enthusiasm and spirit to his team and/or other Masters swimmers during the past year. (Some comments remain in the first person without giving recognition to the authors.) Scot Sullivan is the honorary captain of the MAC Masters Swim program.  At the MAC, Scot […]

Oregon Masters Swimming Gil Young Spirit Award 2019 – Scot ...

Given to an individual, organization, business, or group that has gone the extra mile by contributing outstanding service to a club or to OMS. Jon Clark served as Head Coach for the Barracudas for 20 years.  During that time he was also active in OMS.  The picture below is of […]

Oregon Masters Swimming Special Services Award 2019 – Jon Clark

Matt Miller 2
Sorry sprinters, but this article goes out to the people dearest to my heart – my distance swimming compatriots! Swimming a distance event can be a daunting endeavor.  To swim distance events well it requires consistent training to maintain an excellent cardiovascular base.  Further, because distance events last multiple and […]

Strategy for swimming longer events

Sara Shepherd National Champion - 200 IM 2
Name: Sara Shepherd Age: 37 Occupation: Center Supervisor – City of Tualatin Parks & Recreation Local Team: Tualatin Hills Barracudas When I think about something that is so very important to me and continues to have a profound influence on my life, one word comes to mind: swimming. I was […]

Swimmer Spotlight – Sara Shepherd