Oregon Masters Swimming Gil Young Spirit Award 2019 – Scot Sullivan

Scot Sullivan

Scot Sullivan

Given to the male who has shown enthusiasm and spirit to his team and/or other Masters swimmers during the past year.

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Scot Sullivan is the honorary captain of the MAC Masters Swim program.  At the MAC, Scot is instrumental in the interrelationships between the MAC and the Masters Team.  He gets support from the MAC for swimmers going to meets, including swim caps with the MAC logo.  Scot attends time-consuming monthly MAC athletic committee meetings to represent our team, and his personality and vision has shaped what the MAC Masters Swimming is today.  He has worked through several tough issues over the past year.  He got an extra lane added a few years ago, and facilitated in keeping our swim gear storage area.  He’s started an annual New Year’s Day swim.  Scot maintains the team record-board; every time a swimmer breaks a team record he updates the board with the new time(s).  Scot is a selfless leader who gives our team a sense of shared spirit.  He spearheads a New Year’s Day set of 100 x 100 that now has more than 20 participants in its fourth year.  Scot is the only one crazy enough to regularly ask Kurt Grote and Dan Jorgenson to race!

Everyone who meets Scot is instantly charmed by his Oklahoma accent and giant smile.  Scot’s passion for swimming is contagious.  He comes to practice with a smile on his face and embraces even the most difficult practices that are thrown at the squad.  His enthusiasm for the sport has even led to an additional Sunday practice.

Scot is the binding force of our team; the glue behind all team activities.  He’s at the heart of our team and makes it feel like a family.  Scot is always positive and encouraging and inspires us to be better swimmers and better people.

Scot keeps hard work fun and I can’t imagine the team without him!  He’s the kind of teammate you look forward to seeing at practice.  Not only because he makes you feel welcome, and makes you a better swimmer than you were, but because his enthusiasm and love for swimming is contagious and you can’t help but get swept up in it and enjoy yourself.  And he’s the kind of teammate whose absence you really notice, because practice just isn’t as good when he’s not there.  He’s the kind of Masters swimmer I aspire to be.  Scot is truly deserving of the Gil Young Spirit Award!

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