Opportunity to Thank Others

We are calling for 100% OMS swimmer participation; no, this is not for the 1-hour postal, it is something much easier than that!  In fact, you don’t even have to leave your computer to do this.

All of us have people with whom we interact every day; we are not an island.  So, here is your opportunity to send a big THANK YOU to those people in the swimming world whom you appreciate.  Whenever you feel thankful for someone in OMS, write to the Aqua Master Editor with your THANKS.  Tell us who you are thanking and what they have done to make you appreciate them.   Please express that appreciation here in this feature.  You can write a “Thank You” every month if you want — just once is not enough!  This will be an ongoing feature if there is enough interest.   Write to azabudsky@msn.com.  [Also give your name.]


A big thank you to Doug Brockbank, Suzy Jajewski, and Jayette Pettit, my swim buddies, and my only social life for the past few months.  I could not have made it this far without you. –Arlene Delmage:


A thank you to Steve Darnell.who prepares and sends the swim records to the records keeper in USMS so each swimmer will get credit for the National and World records they have earned, and also sends me the information on the people who have set new records so they can be mentioned in the Aqua Master —Alice Zabudsky

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