OMS Super-Star Willard Lamb

Willard completed his 2019 USMS one-hour postal swim January 10.  Steve Darnell timed for him at Propstra Aquatic Center in Vancouver, WA.  He swam 2,852 yards this year.  Twenty yards more than his 2,832 yards last year!  Just short of his own 2017 National record of 2,885 yards.  He held a steady pace for the entire swim, all freestyle.

Right after the swim, he headed over to his usual Vancouver swim club to swim another half mile or so, to make sure he swims a total of more than 2 miles today.

Wink is 96 years old.  If he can do the one-hour postal swim, we ALL can do it!  Rally your team.  The One-hour Postal is to be swum between January 1 and February 28, in any pool that is 25 yards or longer.  You still have time to grab someone to count laps for you, swim the event, then register here:

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