New Fee Schedule for Club OREG

OREG Club will charge a $6 membership fee this year as a part of your USMS registration fee when you renew for 2019.

OREG Club is the club the majority of us in the Oregon Masters Swimming (OMS) Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC) swim under, when competing in regional or national meets.  USMS rules require a separate club under the LMSC, in our case, OREG.

OREG Club uses the money collected from membership fees to buy Oregon shirts and swim caps, rent shade tents, and pay for relay entries at National Championship swim meets, ePostal National Championships, and Open Water competitions.  We also reimburse expenses for coaches at national meets.  All of the money collected goes back to benefit OREG swimmers (except for some governmental registration fees, which are less than $100 per year).

OREG Club has not charged membership fees for the past few years, because we had enough money in our bank account to cover the expenses listed above.  That money is now depleted and we need to reinstate membership fees to cover our future expenses.

OREG Club officers are:

Toni Hecksel, Chair (
Nancy Vincent, Vice Chair (
Susan Albright, Secretary (
Pat Allender, Treasurer (

Feel free to contact us with questions and suggestions.

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