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As we are all waiting to get back in the water, this gives us time to consider what we will do once we get wet again.  There are all sorts of workouts available online.  What about our mental approach?

With the 2020 season so changed, what are your new goals?  Just get back into shape?  Swimming should always be more than that.

Check the swimming calendar.  At the moment some pools are not opening until the end of June.  July and August meets would seem to be safe.  If you are really desperate for water, find a near-by lake or river, but swim safely.

There are always the ePostals.  At this moment we do not know if we can swim at Amazon Pool in Eugene for the 5K and 10K ePostals.  When Juniper Pool in Bend opens up, COMA has always been willing to time people even at odd times in the day.  Then there are the 3000/6000 ePostal events starting September 15.

What will you change for this year?  I’ve already added regular stretching with light weights.  Check out Dave Radcliff’s routine in this month’s eAqua Master.  Dave’s focus and attitude is infectious and easy to follow.  I’ve been following him all of my swimming life.  I won’t stop now, and I plan to continue with the dryland exercises when pool swimming resumes.  Do the same.

One lesson I’ve learned from the hiatus is how much I value swimming and the people I swim with.  The sessions in the pool were more than just workouts.  They were gatherings of the clan, time for fun, and reassurance that I was doing something worthwhile.

I’m having my break for the year.  The rest of 2020 will be to have some fun and to see people at the pools and lakes that I’ve missed.  2020 will also set up 2021.  There are two National Championship Open Water events in Oregon next year, one a 10K at Applegate.

Plan ahead with a positive attitude.  To paraphrase Rat from “Wind in the Willows:”  “There is nothing, absolutely nothing, so much worth doing as simply messing about in water.”  In the meantime, persevere with whatever you are doing to stay fit.

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