My Swimming Amigos 2

My Swimming Amigos:

No pool?  No problem.  I have been swimming twice a week in the Columbia River.  I go fairly early in the morning and the beach is empty except for a few dog walkers.  In the past month I have only seen three other swimmers.  (Note: there will be no Hood River Swim on Labor Day this year.)

The beach is just east of the M. James Gleason Memorial Boat Ramp, on Marine Drive, between PDX airport and the Columbia River [Broughton Beach Park].  It is about 3-1/2 miles east of the Marine Drive exit on I-5 NB, and it takes about 30 minutes to get there from my home.  The parking fee is five dollars, so I got an annual parking pass.  I usually go on Mondays and Thursdays, getting to the beach at around 9 AM because I am lazy.

The water temperature has recently been around 73 F.  There is always a current running to the west, not very strong, so I swim into the current to start and have a good ride coming back.  The current does depend on the tide, and if you are interested in any specific day, I can get that information for you from the NOAA website.  The water is murky but clean enough that I have never had a problem, although I do take a good shower when I get home.

I will be there for my 86th birthday on Labor Day.


Editor: Let’s join Joe and make his 86th birthday swim memorable.

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2 thoughts on “My Swimming Amigos

  • Marisa Frieder

    JOE! Michelle and I saw a swimmer last week that we thought might be you, but we weren’t sure and didn’t want to bother him (you). I can’t make your birthday swim but we will sure bother you next time we see you.

    Happy Birthday! -Marisa.

  • Jim Budde

    Aloha, this is Jim Budde from Hawaii. And Happy Birthday to you. If you recall, I was on your team at the Golden Circle Marathons in Russia along with own and PJ from Hawaii. A great time was had . I recently gave an interview on, recapping some of my lifetime adventures, which lead me to think about you and look up your recap, particularly your swimming adventures. It was fun to read that and learn more of the amazing things you have done. Also interesting that you now belong to Portland where I know several swimmers. I am more of a swimmer now than a runner. I also have strong connections to the Bend, Oregn swim community and several Elk Lake swim friends. Glad to hear that you are well. If you ever venture to the Big Island we have some excellent ocean swim sites available. Happy Bday and many more.