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Summer is here again.  Kids are out of school.  The schedule is getting crazy.  But remember that fitness should remain a permanent goal.  There is no finish line with fitness, it is just a beginning to your best life and health.

I have seen plenty of very fit people, people who have worked out extremely hard to prepare for a specific race such as a triathlon, a championship, a marathon.  You can hold that level of fitness for a while, but in the end, you will have to release some steam, and often take a break.  Personally, I look at the issue differently.  I recommend that people choose a healthy type of fitness, one that can be sustained in the long run, and a fitness routine that you enjoy enough to remain consistent with.  It does not have to be swimming.  But swimming does fit the bill, as it targets all your big muscles groups at the same time: arms, legs, core, glutes, back, and has a low impact on your joints.  It is also an excellent exercise during the summer months, as the water keeps you cool, even as your heart gets a great workout.

My definition of a fit person is:

  • somebody who cannot stay more than 2 days without doing any type of exercise whatsoever
  • a person who will, if given the option, choose the healthy food with plenty of fruits, vegetables and good quality protein
  • a person who is positive and supportive of others, as well as surrounds himself or herself with positive and supportive people
  • a person who is able to find balance between work and play

You do not need to be the best in any sport, or a sport addict.  In fact, addiction to exercise can be a disorder like any other addiction and can be unhealthy in the long run.  It leads to injuries, unhealthy weight loss and many other ailments.  The key to fitness is really CONSISTENCY.  Whenever your life becomes too hectic, you still find a way to exercise on a regular basis.  You do not fret because you have to miss a workout, but enjoy life and find creative ways to remain active, and keep fitness and health as your permanent goals.

With those goals in mind, US Masters Swimming is offering a few challenges and incentives:

  1. A) In the fitness Series, the summer challenge is a 2K swim in any pool between July 15th and 31st. There are no rules, except to have fun and challenge yourself to see your improvement. The incentives are:
  1. B) Go the distance program which is a self-directed program intended to encourage Master Swimmers to regularly exercise and track their progress. This is a calendar year program. On an honor system, you track the distance you swim in your own Fitness log.  Once you achieve certain milestones, you have the opportunity to purchase some awards.  Except for the price of the awards, there is no cost to enter and start tracking your fitness activities in your own log.  It is very motivati  You can also track other fitness activities such as running, biking, weight training and yoga.

Enjoy your summer, remain as consistent as you can with your exercise routine, find your balance between work and play, be safe around open water areas, eat and stay healthy.  Health is the ultimate goal.

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