Masters Association Meet in Corvallis — Student Observations 1

submitted by Elke Asleson
Western Oregon University/Adjunct Instructor
Division of Health & Exercise Science

Physical Education students earned extra credit for helping to time, observe and dialogue with swimmers competing at the Masters Association swim meet in Corvallis, Oregon in April, 2018.

Their comments are summarized below…enjoy!

I.         Were there more women or men at the meet?

A.       Seven students said there were slightly more men.
B.       Six students said more men swam the longer distance events.

II.       Reasons for swimming/competing?

A.       Swimming addiction – loved the feel of adrenaline rush when competing; camaraderie – a kind you can’t get anywhere else!
B.       Competition, fitness and social time – all valued the same.
C.       Loved the teamwork.
D.      Personal challenge to stay fit and healthy.
E.        Tech suits swim gear was appealing.
F.        Picked up Masters swimming from seeing how much fun his kids had swimming in H.S.
G.       Exercise – full body workout.
H.       Couldn’t give up swimming after college swimming experience.
I.         Opportunity to gauge age differentiation.
J.        A sport you can keep doing forever.
K.       Less stress on your bones as one ages.
L.        Just loves swimming – not really here for the competition.
M.      More into open water swimming, but the pool is OK.
N.      Great chance to socialize and visit.
O.      Enjoys the leadership and motivation of the coach (Matt Miller!).  SOMA has grown to a large swim team, after restarting a year ago.
P.       Just love the “feel” of the water.
Q.      Swimming makes my body look great!  Can’t lift a lot anymore, so swimming is a good resistance sport, too.
R.       Feel active and encourages me to get up and exercise.
S.        Helped me get out of a slump and become active again!  The swimming community embraces everyone!

III.     General Observations:

A.       Bell ringing was scary for two volunteers – felt they would fall in the water and ruin the event!
B.       Noticed how heats become faster each round.  Distance comment:  fastest heat winner (lane 4) was twice as fast as the heat 1 swimmer (lane 4).  Amazing!
C.       Inspired by atmosphere at pool.  May look at joining a Masters team!
D.      Audience cheers and spirit were amazing.
E.        Age did not seem to have an effect on the speed of the participant. (This is not true for me! –Elke)
F.        Lots of teamwork, even though swimming is an individual sport.
G.       Amazed by swim times!
H.       Looked like great swim friendships with the swim community.
I.         Parents and grown children present together – super cool!
J.        The front somersault flip was amazing at the wall – impressive how fast (older) adults did this!
K.       Height did not seem to affect swimming positively – all about technique.
L.        Age did not seem to matter – everyone had fun and lots of smiles after they were done.
M.      Atmosphere was competitive and lively, but also very supportive and fun.
N.      Volunteering is making me want to practice and then also join a team.  Cool group of community fitness nuts.
O.      Shocked by how fast the heats followed each other.  Quick change over of swimmers, everyone kept on their toes to not miss an event.
P.       Confused in distance event, when the swimmer had the lap counter go backward and lap #1 was the last lap!
Q.      Great experience for volunteers – many students mentioned this.

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