March 2018 OMS Quiz

The OMS Postal Challenge Award—started in 2009—is given to all OMS-registered swimmers who complete and enter three or more of the five USMS Postal Championship swims in a calendar year. The qualifying championship swims include the One Hour Swim, the 5 & 10-kilometer swims, and the 3000 & 6000-yard swims. The award for the first year is a custom patch & chevron denoting the year, and the award for subsequent years is the chevron for that year.

Question:  Who are the only two Oregon-registered swimmers who have won the Oregon Postal Challenge Award all nine years (2009-2017)?

Answer:  Bob Bruce and Ralph Mohr have won it nine times.  Dave Radcliff has won it eight times.  Mike Carew, Allen Larson, Gillian Salton, and Christian Tujo have won it seven times.  Hooray for all of them!

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