by Shannon Keegan

My podcast (which is also published to my YouTube channel): Marathon Swim Stories was recently nominated for World of Open Water Swimming Association Offering of the Year!  I recorded 70 interviews between April 2nd and December 22nd, 2020, no doubt buoying me through the turbulent times of the pandemic.  I’ve spoken with marathon swimmers across the world, including renowned open water swimmer, ice swimmer, and author, Lynne Cox.  And I won’t stop there!  Check out all of the interviews, as well as those upcoming here:

Lynne Cox - Modern Day Hero

Lynne Cox – Modern Day Hero

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Can you believe that marathon swimmers have been pushing limits for the last 145 years?!  It was 1875 when Captain Matthew Web completed the first crossing of the English Channel.  And it’s not unheard of to chat with marathon swimmers who are in their 2nd, 3rd, 4th… even 6th decade (in the case of Sally Minty-Gravett who is hoping for her 6th English Channel crossing in as many decades, this year).  While it’s fairly common, consider that marathon swimmers aren’t all life-long swimmers, and can come from anywhere, and any time!  Take the case of Lyn Goldsmith: despite escorting marathon swimmers around Manhattan island, it never occurred to her to start swimming herself until she was in her 60’s.  Or, a runner for most of her life, at 70, Diane McManus is driven by childlike curiosity to see what she can do.

I realize that it may be hard to identify with often introverted, and sometimes eccentric, marathon swimmers, and not everyone wants to swim for miles and miles, but it appears that we’re all in a marathon pandemic, and we might be able to learn something from these remarkable endurance athletes.  The Stories can be long, so I’m working on pushing out the tidbits of knowledge in Marathon Swim Shorts.  Enjoy!

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  • joe oakes

    Thank you for your marathon swimming.. My personal efforts re open water swimming do not compare witth those of people like Lynn Cox. Lyn is a consumate professional who is at the same time a generous and intelligent human being.

    When speaking of marathon swimming, I hark back to the days of the great Abu Heil and his team mates in Egypt. I spoke with his son a few years ago and learned that the master was suffering with diabetes.

    We lost the great Ted Erickson just a few years ago. You will recall that Ted did a solo from the Farallons to San Francisco, a fest not equalted to this day.

    Keep up the good work.

    Joe Oakes