Long Distance Swimming – March 2019

Wrapping up the 2018 USMS Postal Championships (I know, I know, that was last year, but here’s the report), the Oregon LMSC capped another year with a fair showing in the USMS 3000-yard and 6000-yard Postal National Championships.  Once again, our participation was far below our usual sterling participation.  Here’s a quick summary:

3000-yard:  28 Oregon swimmers (11 women & 17 men) entered.  Matt Miller and Dave Radcliff won national titles in their respective age groups.  Eight Oregon Club Relay teams—including ALL men’s and mixed relay teams–won their events!  Oregon was second in the overall club scores (remember the halcyon days—not very long ago–when we won these two events every year?).

6000-yard:  10 Oregon swimmers (5 women & 5 men) entered.  Matt Miller was our only national individual champion.  Three of the four Oregon Club relay teams won their events.  Oregon was second in the overall club scores, proving that ten swimmers does not a championship team make.

Congratulations to…

  • Our 3 individual National Champions (USMS Long Distance All-Americans!);
  • Matt Miller, our double National Champion;
  • Our 11 relay team National Champions (USMS Long Distance Relay All-Americans)—excellent strength, amazing considering our size of entry;
  • Our 2 Oregon Individual Record breakers—Jeanna Summers and Matt Miller—both in the 6000.
  • Those swimmers who accounted for 16 new listings on the All-Time Oregon Top Twelve in these events;
  • Everyone who participated. The Oregon LMSC generally does well in overall participation, which is ultimately the bottom line, but didn’t do so well this year.  Obviously, I’d like to see many, many more Oregon swimmers participating in these excellent fitness events.

Look for the full Oregon results in this Aqua Master.

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In the 2018 Oregon Postal Participation Series, twelve swimmers swam in at least three of the national championship postal events to earn the coveted patch for the annual challenge.  Four of those swimmers—among 60 swimmers nationally—completed all five of the USMS Long Distance National Championship Postal swims to earn the USMS Postal Challenge Award.  Well done, all of you!

Look for the summary report in this Aqua Master, and full results on the OMS website www.swimoregon.org.

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