Long Distance Swimming March 2018

The highest distinction for a Masters long distance swimmer, is to be named to the USMS Long Distance All-Star Team.  To be considered for this honor, swimmers must participate in at least three of the National Long Distance Championship events, including at least one open water and one postal event.  Points are tabulated for placement in each event, much like our scoring in the Oregon Open Water Series.  The top point-scorer in the nation in each age group—and only one from each age group!—is named to the All-Star Team.

In 2017, six Oregonians—that’s right, six—joined fourteen other outstanding swimmers in the nation in earning that honor.  Think about this: six out of twenty from one club!  No other club in the nation had more than one Long Distance All-Star.  Oregon has now had 30 of 80 Long Distance All-Stars in the past four years, continuing our enviable tradition of excellence!

Arlene Delmage (Oregon Reign Masters, Womens 55-59 age group) joins the All Star team for the fourth time, the third time representing Oregon.  Arlene got an early jump last spring by traveling far afield and winning the first two open water championships on the USMS schedule, and placed high in each of her postal swims.

Matt Miller (Rogue Valley Masters/Southern Oregon Masters Aquatics, Mens 40-44 age group) has been named to the All Star team for the sixth consecutive year.  Matt won three open water swims and three postal championships and scored more All-Star points than anyone else in the nation!

Christian Tujo (Central Oregon Masters, Mens 45-49 age group) joins the All Star team for the third year.  Chris won by participating and scoring high in two open water swims and all five postal championships.

Bob Bruce (Central Oregon Masters Aquatics, Mens 65-69 age group) joins the All-Star team for the eighth time, fifth time consecutively, completing a sweep of his time in that age group.  Bob won one open water swim and one postal championship.  He also served as event director for two open water championships.

Ralph Mohr (Central Oregon Masters Aquatics, Mens 75-79 age group) has been named to the All-Star team for the fifth time, again leading by example.  Ralph won two open water swims and two postal championships.

Dave Radcliff (Tualatin Hills Barracudas, Mens 80-84 age group) joins the All-Star team for the seventh time, sixth time consecutively.  Dave won two open water swims and three postal championships, every one that he entered.  Dave owns all seven (five postal & two cable) USMS long distance records in his age group.

What does it take to become a USMS Long Distance All-Star?  Obviously, a swimmer has to be pretty good at what they do.  But, beyond that, they also have to show up for National Championship events.  We have been fortunate in Oregon to have National championship open water events locally almost every year, thanks to assertive bidding by a few of our Oregon teams.  Note that we have three open water championships in Oregon in 2018!  All of our All-Stars last year raced locally, and many travelled out-of-state for other championship events.  And they all participated heavily in the Postal Championships, which are available to everyone without much travel.  If you want to succeed, you gotta show up!  Of course that applies to all of us, All-Star or not.

Good luck and good swimming!

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