Long Distance Swimming – February 2020 3

COMA’s ‘Metric’ Birthday Party

According to international swimming rules (for all pool meets measured metrically) and for USMS long distance rules, a swimmer’s age group for the year is determined by his or her age on December 31, the last day of the year.  So, logically, January 1, the first day of the year, is EVERYONE’S birthday!  Of course, when handed such an easy opportunity, COMA celebrates, just as we have for the past 20 years or so.  The celebration includes:

  • Swim: First, a hefty amount of swimming.  Matt Gilman went 10,000 meters; we mere mortals went somewhat less than that.
  • Party: After swimming, we wheeled out the big birthday cake, our oldest swimmer present (Brent Lake this year) blew out the candles, and we tucked into* the cake, fruit, juice, etc.
  • Drawing: We had a raffle for some goodies.  Only current COMA members were eligible (we do this as a membership promotion to inspire everyone to register/reregister for the year); one ticket for current COMA membership and an additional one if they are also current USMS members (which COMA does not require but strongly recommends).  We do sign-ups on the spot as needed.

Seventy-three COMA swimmers swam that morning to celebrate our Metric Birthday; a great kick-off to what we hope will be a great swimming year!


*“Tucked into” is an English phrase meaning “ate with gusto”

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3 thoughts on “Long Distance Swimming – February 2020

    • Bob Bruce

      Not only is January 1st everyone’s birthday, but it is also the beginning day for the fabled “New Year’s resolutions”, which typically include things like “lose a few pounds”. We have learned over the years that many may attend the party but more than a few won’t eat the cake. Ah, the power of new resolutions. But, even though we provided a huge sheet-cake (does Cosco have any other size?), our swimmers decimated it this year!