Kermit Yensen Receives the 2020 Dorothy Donnelly USMS Service Award 2

Kermit Yensen

Kermit Yensen

Kermit has been an Oregon Masters swimmer for many years and was active in the Tualatin Hills Barracudas and more recently Central Oregon Masters.

Kermit has contributed over a period of many years to Oregon Masters. He assumed the Treasurer position in 2013 and continues to fill that position. He prepares a yearly budget for the Board, updates the Board on monthly expenses, and generally keeps the organization on track financially. He played a huge oversight role when Oregon hosted the 2016 Summer Nationals and tracked all income and expenses related to that event.  Kermit contributes to Board discussions, takes on other tasks related to the financial health of our organization, and communicates with the national office when necessary.

This past year with the changing climate and proposed financial changes at the USMS national office, Kermit spent hours analyzing OMS’ financial situation to be sure we could adapt to a lower income stream. He reached out to the Oregon Club to assist them in their financial discussions as well. He also became a contributing member of the USMS Governance Committee.

Kermit is the ‘always in the background’ person who is quiet but has made significant contributions to our organization over many years now and is a deserving recipient for the Dot Donnelly Service Award recognizing that service.

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