Joy Ward Receives the 2020 Dorothy Donnelly USMS Service Award

Joy Ward is happy about her swimming!

Joy Ward 

Joy Ward received this award for her contributions to OMS as the Safety Committee chair for the past sixteen years.  Joy willingly took on this role and has been the ‘go to’ person for making sure that every meet director has all of the information he/she needs to run a safe meet.

She provides copies of the OMS safety guidelines, incident reports, and safety/no diving signs to use at the meets. She interacts with every meet director and delivers these materials plus safety marshal vests and stopwatches to every meet site.  Joy is reliable and follows through to respond to all questions and to haul the Oregon Masters signs and materials home, dry them out, and then transport to the next meet.

Joy played an important role during the 2016 USMS Summer Nationals in Oregon. She helped coordinate and oversee the EMTs and aquatic center staff in reporting medical occurrences and filling out the appropriate forms for documentation.

Joy is an active LMSC Board member and contributes regularly to discussions and evaluation of meets. She is not a person who strives to be in the spotlight but certainly has contributed to keeping meets safe for all participants and the LMSC running smoothly with her long term commitment.

Joy has demonstrated what a volunteer can do for an organization and is very deserving of this USMS recognition.

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