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Dear Fellow Swimmers:

After 12 years (off and on) as the OMS Chair I am handing over the gavel, so to speak, to Tim Waud.  It has been an honor and privilege to serve the OMS Masters swimmers as Chair for the past few years.  It has also been an honor to work with such an active and passionate team of volunteers who devote so much of their time, expertise, and wisdom to serve as the LMSC’s officers and committee chairs.

Over the past 12 years I have seen the LMSC membership grow; new teams start up and some teams fold; more meets being hosted by various teams/groups; new swim programs introduced for coaches, swimmers, and officials; the Open Water program become legendary both nationally and internationally; OMS host 2 well-organized, very successful National LCM meets at Mt. Hood Community College; new committee chairs added to the Board; Board meetings go from meeting in person to conference calls; the once-a-year (in the fall) for a 1-2 day Board retreat to discuss ways to improve and strengthen the LMSC for all swimmers; our communication to the membership improve dramatically via email blasts, website, newsletter (Aqua Master), and Facebook; many of our swimmers getting involved administratively at the Zone and National levels; the Board spend many, many hours developing the organization’s By Laws and Policies… I can go on and on as we have done so much over the years to make OMS one of the top LMSCs in the country.

I have worked with Tim Waud for many years.  If you don’t know Tim, I can tell you he is one person who is very, very dedicated to swimming both for fitness and competition.  He will definitely be a great Chair as he has proven his ability to lead through his coaching and building of his local team, co-chairing the National meet last August, chairing numerous committees on the OMS Board, and chairing the NW Zone committee, just to name a few areas he has successfully led.  Tim loves swimming and OMS!  He will work hard to continue building Masters swimming around our LMSC and at the Zone and National level.

Thank you for your support over the years.  I’m not going anywhere, though.  As past Chair I will continue to serve on the OMS board offering my support and assistance as needed.  See you at future swim events.

Best regards,
Jeanne Teisher

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One thought on “Jeanne Teisher Retiring as OMS Board Chairman

  • Darby Sitter

    Thanks for your 12 years of dedication, energy, time and enthusiasm toward OMS. We appreciate you being there for us, knowing that you had some serious health problems during part of this time!