It’s a Swimmer Thing

  • How the pool feels at morning practice

    How the pool feels at morning practice

    That tight, nervous feeling you get in your stomach as you approach the blocks

  • When your goggles are so tight they give you a headache but they still . .
  • When you look slow because you swam the right amount of laps and everyone else didn’t swim the last 50
  • The way people look at you when you walk outside in the middle of the cold winter with wet hair
  • Complaining about swimming, but defending it with your life when someone else disses it
  • When you stretch your arms over your head, you automatically go into streamline
  • I’ll have you know that I swam the 400 IM and only cried for 399 yards
  • When 4 x 125; 25 kick; 50 drill, 50 swim, reverse IM order, makes perfect sense to you
  • Coach: Did you finish warm-down?
    Me: Yes
    Coach: So it only took you 3 minutes to go a 500?
    Me: I guess I just set a world record
  • When non-swimmers wonder why you still have to drink water at practice
  • Swimming for years and still needing your best friend help you with your cap
  • Still smelling like chlorine even after you’ve taken a shower for the fifth time
  • Having to go out in public with goggle marks
  • Dropping a second means the world to you, but to people who don’t swim it’s just a second
  • The only sport in which the coach yells at you for breathing
  • When it’s time for your worst stroke in practice, and you awkwardly move towards the back of the line
  • Knowing that you missed the send-off anyway so you just flip turn and swim faster
  • Yes, I am skinny. Yes, I can probably eat more than you can
  • Having to explain what is written on your hand the next morning after a meet
  • How the pool feels at morning practice

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