How to Handle Your Out-of- Country Swim Records

Submitted by Walt Reid

Swimmers, if you want your times from out-of-country swim meets to count for records or USMS Top Ten, please read the following note from Walt Reid. Walt is the keeper of Masters World Records for FINA. He used to keep the U.S. National Records for USMS, but he transferred that job to Mary Beth Windrath a few years ago. Walt is the authority on just about everything regarding Masters Swimming records.

Below is the note from Walt:

As you all know it is the swimmer’s responsibility to obtain the required documentation for meets held outside the USA.

The meet host is responsible for documenting any FINA Masters World Records but will have no knowledge of USMS Records. However, they are usually very helpful especially if the documenting is done during the meet.

So I would suggest the following:

Before the meet:

  • Check with the USMS Records person, Mary Beth Windrath, to see that the pool measurement is on file with FINA. The pool length must be confirmed before any swims can count for USMS Top10 or USMS Records.
  • Lookup the current USMS records for the events you are going to swim to see if you might break any records. Remember to include records for possible splits.
  • Get copies of the USMS Record Application from the USMS Website and take them with you to the meet.

During the meet:

  • After the race immediately check the results for your race, including the splits.
  • If you broke the USMS records, fill out a USMS Record Application for each potential record and take it to the meet referee.
  • You will be asking him/her to sign the application and get you a copy of the timing system sheet.

After the meet:

  • Submit this information to your LMSC Records/Top 10 person of the results of your swims for USMS Top10. Include the meet location, date and name of the pool.
  • Also, submit any USMS Record Applications with required documentation.

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