How to adapt and set new goals

By all standards, 2020 has not been the year any of us had in mind.  Everything feels out of our individual control.  A lot of swimming pools are still closed; the ones open have restrictions and might close again at any time and without much notice.  For most of us, it has been an emotional roller coaster with canceled plans, inability to follow thru on our intentions and the lack of physical connections with those who inspire, challenge, and support us.  It is time to reflect on your own challenges, make new plans, set new goals, and ADAPT.


  1. What were the highlights and accomplishments of 2020? Maybe you learned new skills, discovered a new outdoor sport you enjoy, better understood and connected with your kids, adapted to work remotely and became more efficient at it.  You might have learned to cook and eat healthier.  You might have used your talents to help your community such as volunteering to collect and distribute food, making and giving away protective masks.  You might also be one of those essential workers who have been working tirelessly during this pandemic.  Maybe you started a new business or adapted your existing business to fulfill the needs to help combat the pandemic.  Although it has been a tough and depressing year, everybody still had highlights and accomplishments.  Write those down (no matter how small they may feel).  One of the benefits of 2020 might be simply being more conscious and thankful for what we have and enjoy.
  2. What were the struggles of 2020 so far? Maybe you lost a family member or an acquaintance to the virus, maybe you got it yourself.  You lost your job, or it might still be in jeopardy.  You could not practice the sport you love to control your stress and weight.  You had a hard time managing the school activities and energy level of your kids.  You felt overwhelmed with everybody being cooped up at home.  Write down those struggles too.  What can I do to soften those struggles?
  3. What do you wish you would have done that you did not? What opportunities did you not act on that you wish you had?  Some of those were imposed upon you.  You had the intention to swim, but you could not.  You had the intention to go on that cruise, but you could not.  Those actions are not under your control and might not be for a while, but if you reflect on it, I am sure you will find some opportunities you did not act on and that you wish you had.  It is never too late, put them in your new goals.



  1. Create your roadmap, set your goals list. Look at your list of accomplishments.  Can you do more of those during the last 4 months of 2020.  Can you improve upon them?  Set your new goals based on those.  Write your goals list, and as always be specific.  Your goals must cover most aspects of your life and must be a combination of your accomplishments, some well-thought solutions to your struggles and a desire to act upon the opportunities.  Setting goals is the key to success and must be measurable, attainable, and have a deadline.
  2. Adapt: Because of the pandemic, some of your goals might be harder to accomplish or might take more time. So be forgiving to yourself.  A lot of new restrictions might be imposed upon us.  Keep your goals in mind but be creative.  Is there another way to reach that goal?  How can I adapt?  Are there new opportunities which open up?  How can I reach those?
  3. Have a positive attitude: Beating upon yourself will not help. Keep a positive outlook to life as much as possible.  Be proactive on what you have control over, and let slide what you cannot control.  Be respectful of all the measures that are currently imposed on you for your safety and the safety of others.  Remember your health is your most precious asset.  Isn’t it why we all love to swim and stay active?

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