Holiday Swim Breakfast

For many years now, a group of us, primarily from Oregon Reign Masters plus friends, have been enjoying a pre-Christmas get-together at Elmer’s Restaurant.  Of course, it’s after practice on a Saturday.  We do an ornament exchange ($5 limit), have breakfast/lunch, or just come to visit.  Participate in all or be selective.  When we first started there were only three attendees; the next year five, then eight, etc.  This year there were twelve of us.  It’s a fun/relaxing way to actually chat with folks, especially at this time of the year.

Holiday Swim breakfast

Holiday Swim breakfast

Attendees from left to right: Claudia, Sue, Coach Aubree, Jeanna, Colette, Ellen, Nancy, Tam (obscured–seated behind Carole), Carole, Linda, Ginger/Miyagi, and my friend Pam.  We missed Buz, Allen/Carol, Sally, Linda B. and Ron this year.  Hopefully, next year we’ll get everyone to join us.

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