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Celebrating 50 years–1972 ~ 2022

This year, Oregon Masters Swimming will be celebrating 50 years! Earl Walter and Connie Wilson are credited with the founding of Oregon Masters Swimming in 1972.  Ten years later in 1982, the Oregon Masters Swimming Board of Directors was created.  It was in 1982, that Oregon hosted their first U. S. Masters Swimming National Championship at Mt Hood Aquatic Center.

Oregon Masters Swimming as an organization has been a proud sponsor of “Swimming for Life” and offering a variety of competitions throughout the years.  Whether it be a pool meet, an open water event, Postal Swim; Association, Zone or National Championship, Oregon Masters have played host to all these events.  Oregon Masters Swimming has facilitated: One NIKE World Masters Games, one United States Aquatic Sports Convention, five U. S. Masters Swimming (USMS) Long Course National Championships, eight USMS Open Water National Championships (Sprint, Middle, 2-Mile Cable, Long, Marathon, and Ultramarathon Distances), 10 USMS Postal or ePostal Pool National Championships (One Hour, 5/10K, and the 3000/6000 Swims), and 19 Northwest Zone Championships.

Oregon City Tankers Tessa Reeves, Sonja Skinner and Amanda Metz

Oregon City Tankers Tessa Reeves, Sonja Skinner and Amanda Metz

We plan on celebrating our 50th Anniversary later this year, and invite all of you to help us commemorate this milestone in our history.  Our first request will be for you to email us photos.  Photos should be from Oregon Masters swimming sponsored events, such as pool and open water competitions, National and World Championships, swim clinics, postal swims, and Holiday celebrations with your teammates.  You can email your captures to: timpwaud@gmail.com.  Photos will be used for a slideshow to be shown at our Association Championship.

Christina Fox, Pat Allender, Laura & Mark Worden, Pam Snider and Luda Fox

The Oregon City Tankers will be hosting their annual Spring Ahead meet March 12-13, 2022.  This will be the first year without the USA Swimming Dual Sanction.  Masters will be swimming the Saturday and Sunday afternoon sessions, following the morning sessions of USA Swimmers.  This is a Short Course Meters competition, so set your eyes on some records.

Chris Tujo, Jill Marie Asch, & Can Ergenekan

Chris Tujo, Jill Marie Asch, & Can Ergenekan

I look forward to seeing you all around a pool deck soon.  Be safe!


Tim Waud/OMS Chair

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  • linda coffeen

    Hey you all 🙂 Want to volunteer at the meet this Saturday or Sunday and be timer. Who gets that phone call or email?