Chair’s Corner July 2017 – Where Have All the Swimmers Gone? 1

In reviewing attendance numbers from our past Association Championship events, participation has dropped significantly.  We have seen this trend in our monthly pool competitions as well.  Three years ago, we were able to offer pool competitions on a monthly basis but we have seen pool events decline in numbers.

When planning the annual competitive schedule, several factors play a key role in how we determine dates for pool and open water events.  Our biggest challenges are holidays, school calendars, pool availability, and USMS and USA Swimming events that conflict with the OMS event schedule.  In order to have a USMS sanctioned event we must follow strict rules and regulations.  The biggest concern is having enough Officials to meet all of the requirements.  During the month of February, many of our Officials are busy with high school districts and state championships.  USA Swimming usually has the majority of their championship events during the month of March.  This in turn, limits the availability of swimming pools and volunteer resources.  Another issue we face is the increasing cost of swimming pool and facility rentals.

The Oregon LMSC is willing to work with event hosts in order to ensure a profit from hosting events.  We can help offset the cost of running your event.  Event hosts may submit financial information regarding pool rental fees and request financial assistance.  If you would like to host an event but feel you do not have enough volunteers, maybe you could work with another team or workout group and co-host a pool event.  Working together, we can find a solution to meet the needs of our membership.

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One thought on “Chair’s Corner July 2017 – Where Have All the Swimmers Gone?

  • Mat Martinson

    Perhaps this is related to attendance?

    In planning ahead, I find that the calendar (online) isn’t complete, and where it is, it’s only complete for about 2-months ahead. I’d be inclined to do USMS events if I could plan 4-6 months out. This is necessary because of my life-stage (middle age with teenagers) and family activities (e.g. my kids swim meets, and weekend commitments).