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Colette Crabbe and assistant Rick Howell at the Clark County YMCA.
Oregon Masters Swimming, along with USMS, sponsored two stroke development clinics which were held on consecutive weekends at the beginning of January.  The events took place at the Clark County YMCA in Vancouver and were hosted by Colette Crabbe, an Olympian and the current OMS Fitness Chair.  Stroke development clinics are for […]

Stroke Development Clinics

By Tom Phipps AquaMaster Contributor Swimming-Induced Pulmonary Edema (SIPE) is an uncommon condition that is associated with abnormal fluid collection in the lungs, in the absence of actually breathing in water, that occurs during or shortly after swimming. First described in 1989, it is a subtype of immersion pulmonary edema, […]

Swimmer-Induced Pulmonary Edema – a Potential Concern for Open ...