Matt Miller
This article is targeted toward people new to competitive swimming or those with physical limitations.  Since part of the intended target audience is new swimmers, I’ll keep it fairly fundamental in terms of instruction, and explain terminology for people who aren’t highly familiar with the sport of swimming. In individual […]

In-Water Starts

      A Breaststroke Clinic Sunday, November 5, 2017; 8:30 am–12:30 pm in Oregon City, Oregon This Breaststroke clinic, offered by Oregon Masters Swimming coaches, will help fitness swimmers learn important swimming drills that will improve stroke technique.  Learn how to be efficient in the water and enjoy your swimming experience.  […]

A Breaststroke Clinic Hosted by Oregon Masters Swimming

Diving for Masters By Dennis Baker As we start our summer season of meets here are some thoughts on Diving into the pool and some tips for all the four different stroke starts. NEVER DIVE IN WARM UPS until the end when the announcer stipulates a practice start-diving lane. Don’t […]

Diving for Masters