Kevin Doherty 6
Name:                Kevin Doherty Age:                    49 Occupation:      Kaiser Permanente, Human Resources Team:                 Oregon Reign Masters Hi.  I’m Kevin.  I just moved to Portland from Denver!  I came here for a job with Kaiser Permanente.  I’m an HR consultant, and have been with the company for 14 years.  I train classes, and […]

Swimmer Spotlight – Kevin Doherty

Name:                    Matthew Gilman Age:                        46 Occupation:          Real estate agent in Central Oregon Local Team:           COMA (satellite member, lives in Redmond) There is a new name making its way onto the Oregon top 12 list in the mens 45 – 49 age group and it’s Matthew Gilman.  It’s hard not […]

Swimmer Spotlight – Matthew Gilman

The Pinger family swam a medley relay together at the 2022 Association meet in Mollala - (l to r) Mark, Sebastian & Uli. Mark & Uli also have two daughters, Sidney & Robin.
Name:                    Mark Pinger Age;                        52 Occupation:          General Manager, Arena North America Team:                     Stafford Hills Club That’s my story and I am sticking to it. It all started in a little town in the South of Germany.  Growing up, I remember frequently being asked how long I have been swimming.  I […]

Swimmer Spotlight – Mark Pinger

Lizzie is front and center. Her husband Aaron is behind the keyboards. This is one of the bands she sang with named Wolfpack 1
Name:                    Lizzie Cheney Age:                        65 Occupation:          Artist, Writer, Musician, Multifaceted, Creative, and a “sea creature” Local Team:           OCT Oregon City Tanker I’m Lizzie Cheney, a 65-year-old water lover.  I grew up in Berkeley, California.  Growing up there in the 60s and early 70s was an amazing experience.  So many meaningful […]

Swimmer Spotlight – Lizzie Cheney