Bring a Friend

While membership is good in USMS and OMS I really feel it is time to make a push to bring more into our awesome secret of health.  Let’s look at some things we as coaches and swimmers can do to get more swimmers onto clubs and workout groups.

  1. Bring a friend. The best way is to just have a friend come watch a practice.  They don’t have to swim, just watch and talk with the coach during workout.
  2. As a coach, make sure you explain that we cater to all levels of swimming.
  3. As coaches, make sure that you are catering to the beginning swimmers as much if not more than the experienced swimmer. The beginning swimmer or triathletes are our future path to growth.
  4. Carpool if you can. This saves money and resources as well as creating a sense of comradery that helps a team grow.
  5. When coaching, make sure you are giving the right and different workouts or send-offs to different levels of swimmers. This is a big one gang.  A correct blend of different workouts and practices everyone can do together will insure team satisfaction and unity.
  6. As swimmers, be conscious of new swimmers!! Hey it can be scary and intimidating to start with a new club.  Don’t make them lead a lane right away.  Be kind and show them the ropes.

Try these tips as coaches and swimmers and we will grow and expand and have a lot of fun in the process.

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