Ralph Mohr

Ralph Mohr
A doctor I once saw loved the Finns. Finland has a homogeneous population, not too large (five and half million), and medical record-keeping that goes back to at least 1910. Finland is perfect for longitudinal studies on health, diet, and practically anything else you’d want. A recent article in “Scientific […]

Swim Bits – April 2021

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A list of coaches from the 1961 North Bend Invitational Swim Meet.  Why is it here?  Check the names.  You might recognize some of them. Grants Pass Swim Club                   Alan Takashima McMinnville Swim Club                   Bob Gregson Medford YMCA                                  Ken Lyons North Bend Aquatic Club               Mike Popovich Reedsport Swim Club                      Don […]

A Historical Note

Ralph Mohr
With pools opening up and lakes warming up in Oregon, swimmers are emerging from a required break.  Hopefully everyone will remember to use sunblock, not sunscreen, when swimming outdoors. The rules for sunblock while swimming are simple: use nothing that is only chemicals, especially oxybenzone.  The only real sunblocks are […]

Swim bits – July 2020