Arlene Delmage

Name:                    Arthur Noxon Age:                        77 Occupation:          Acoustical Engineer as pertains to music (semi-retired) Local Team:           OREGON (Unattached in Eugene) It all started one day in the summer of 2016.  I got a call from my brother, Ward, a national record holder back in his high school swimming days.  He […]

Swimmer Spotlight – Arthur Noxon

Jayette Pettit (yellow cap) and Suzy Jajewski 4
Name:                   Jayette Pettit Age:                       53 Occupation:        Retail Store Manager for The Real Mother Goose Gallery at PDX(started in 1991 – soon to be unemployed) Local Team:         Southern Oregon Masters Aquatics (SOMA)- Jayette lives in Vancouver, WA, but swims with SOMA because of their participation in open water events. I was […]

Swimmer Spotlight – Jayette Pettit