Arlene Delmage

Colette Crabbe and assistant Rick Howell at the Clark County YMCA.
Oregon Masters Swimming, along with USMS, sponsored two stroke development clinics which were held on consecutive weekends at the beginning of January.  The events took place at the Clark County YMCA in Vancouver and were hosted by Colette Crabbe, an Olympian and the current OMS Fitness Chair.  Stroke development clinics are for […]

Stroke Development Clinics

Name:                    Jane Nichols Age:                        81 Occupation:          Image Analyst – mainly satellite imagery of vegetation Local Team:           CGM–Columbia Gorge Masters   The one thing that was always constant for me was swimming.  It gave me a place to try to do my best.  It gave me a place to heal […]

Swimmer Spotlight – Jane Nichols

Name:                    Matthew Gilman Age:                        46 Occupation:          Real estate agent in Central Oregon Local Team:           COMA (satellite member, lives in Redmond) There is a new name making its way onto the Oregon top 12 list in the mens 45 – 49 age group and it’s Matthew Gilman.  It’s hard not […]

Swimmer Spotlight – Matthew Gilman

Lizzie is front and center. Her husband Aaron is behind the keyboards. This is one of the bands she sang with named Wolfpack 1
Name:                    Lizzie Cheney Age:                        65 Occupation:          Artist, Writer, Musician, Multifaceted, Creative, and a “sea creature” Local Team:           OCT Oregon City Tanker I’m Lizzie Cheney, a 65-year-old water lover.  I grew up in Berkeley, California.  Growing up there in the 60s and early 70s was an amazing experience.  So many meaningful […]

Swimmer Spotlight – Lizzie Cheney