Association Meet Results & Photos

You can find the results from the  OMS 2014 Association SCY Championships here.  Results can always be found by following the homepage menu link “Swimmer Resources” – “Results”.  The results web page has search field at the top so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

Looking for photos from the meet take by Brad Bachulis?  Here’s a link to the full portfolio of images.

A note from Brad:

Wow what a fantastic swim meet.  So many great athletes doing what they love to do.  As always, so inspiring and reassuring that masters swimming is simply an all around fantastic choice in a healthy active lifestyle.

I have posted up the images I was able to get on Saturday and Sunday.  I endeavored to capture images of everyone but you all outnumbered me and make it real hard by being so fast!!  Please feel free to download the images you want and use them for whatever you may want on a personal level.  The Teams are welcome to use them for any Electronic or Print media they may wish too as well.  A big THANK YOU!! to the teams that contributed for the rental of that huge lens I was using!

To download an image just right click on it and save image, this should save the image in the size you see it on the screen. Another way is to select the image (a much larger version will be displayed) and on the bottom right hand corner you will see a icon that is a arrow pointing to a horizontal line.  Select that Icon that should downlaod the real big sized image.

If you want a bunch of images or have questions or requests (edits, removals, etc) for a image please feel free to contact me:

Thanks for letting me share in your meet,


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