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The Adult Learn to Swim event just concluded its third year in Corvallis.  With the support of an annual grant from the Swimming Saves Lives Foundation we found a perfect partnership between USMS, and the Oregon State University Faculty/Staff fitness program.  OSU’s commitment to public health and focus on creating a water-safe community has made this a very popular spring event.

This year we had assistance from three certified ALTS instructors (Marlys Cappaert, Joyce Federuik, and Drew Iberra) along with additional Masters Swimming volunteers (this year Christina Fox (CAT Masters)) and student interns from OSU (Kevin and Zoe).  The program offered a one-hour session twice per week for three weeks in April.  We had attendees from the University as well as the Corvallis community.  Attendees represented a wide range of experience; from wanting to learn how to blow bubbles, to wanting to tune up their stroke skills.  Each attendee received googles, a t-shirt, and a small swim-bag at the end of the sessions.

The partnership with OSU has allowed this to become a yearlong event.  In addition to the spring ALTS event, OSU offers learn to swim class using the ALTS curriculum.  Over the course of the April 2017 event, along with winter and spring term classes, over 50 swimmers have passed through the program.

In addition, swimmers that participate in the April event are offered continuing instruction in a Faculty-Staff Fitness aquatics class for the remainder of the spring term.  This is special offering that is made possible by our partnership with OSU.  In 2017, 100% of the students have chosen to continue swimming.  The commitment and determination of the new students, conquering fears, makes this one of the most rewarding events of the year.

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  • Gut Samuel

    Hi Christina,
    I am still in love with you…. how could it be others working for Professor J. D. White beside you in the lab at OSU
    and working in the winyard with you and Rodger Khonert.
    Greets with love your’ s sam