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The journey that led Doctor Luis Allen on a race across the globe by Ingrid Hernández (edited) Editors note: Yes, I know, this is a swimming newsletter, but I know that swimmers will appreciate the effort and discipline needed for this challenge.  I thought this man’s story was interesting.  Maybe […]

Running for Mental Health

Matt Miller
As pools begin reopening in Oregon, many of you will be getting back into the water for the first time in several months.  After having not swum for an extended period of time, it is important to ease your body back into swimming regularly again.  In order to avoid possible […]

Ease Back Into It

John Foges 4
Name:                    John Foges Age:                        76 Occupation:          Retired English Teacher, R.A. Long High School, Longview, WA Local Team:           COMA (remotely via Kalama, WA) I’m John Foges, I just turned 76.  I’m a “remote” COMA swimmer.  I live in Kalama, WA, with my wife Denise, and recent high-school-graduate […]

Swimmer Spotlight – John Foges

Ralph Mohr
With pools opening up and lakes warming up in Oregon, swimmers are emerging from a required break.  Hopefully everyone will remember to use sunblock, not sunscreen, when swimming outdoors. The rules for sunblock while swimming are simple: use nothing that is only chemicals, especially oxybenzone.  The only real sunblocks are […]

Swim bits – July 2020